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An Open Letter By Alia Bhatt Is A Must Read For Everyone Dealing With Insecurities

Alia Bhatt, a performing artist who as of late developed as a genuine youth symbol in Bollywood, has set new benchmarks inside a limited capacity to focus time. Her consecutive astonishing exhibitions and vivacious identity has dragged consideration of many.And, now the on-screen character has issued a remarkable stride for youth by composing an open letter which is a value perused to get propelled. Look at it!

Love You Zindagi...

An open letter which Alia has written for youth is a brief explanation of life moral from the movie 'Dear Zindagi.'

Phase of depression

In the movie, Alia has played the role of 'Kaira' who is facing a lot of emotional and mental issues in her life.

A Guarding Angel

And, then she meets Dr. Jehangir Khan aka Shah Rukh Khan, who helped her deal with all the insecurities and teach her to love and live life.

Best Message

The movie reflects all the subjects that are sometimes hard to deal with. But, what matter's the most is to have a positive reflection of self and enjoy the small things in life that are important.

I Heart Me!

Her biggest takeaway from the movie has been to introspect and live life happily. Alia's point that states "A little bit of Kaira in all of us," is a fact which makes her emotions in a note even more beautiful.

Latest Moves

If we talk about her performances, apart from 'Dear Zindagi,' Alia Bhatt currently received appreciation for 'Badrinath Ki Dulhania' as well.

An open letter by Alia Bhatt

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