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These Pictures Show The Rarely Seen Side Of Obama

For a long time, President Obama has been a President of U.S.A as well as has driven the country to another domain of accomplishment. He is being viewed as world pioneer and has regard around the world. The man who has conveyed an intense persona at his office has a delicate side as well. Official Photographer of White House, Pete Souza completed Obama his nonstop of office, he more likely than not clicked Obama more than 2 million times in recent years. He caught a portion of the best snapshots of Obama. 

Here's an arrangement some of those minutes which demonstrate distinctive shades of President Obama

Jerry Seinfeld is a mischievous fellow, he is trying to have some fun here with President Obama.

Some Peek- a- boo fun with those adorable kids, aww that’s so cute of President Obama.

Obama loves playing pranks, see him playing prank with his staff on weight scale.

His love for babies is evident as he holds the twins of a White Office staff.

It’s a time for a holiday, it’s time to Hawaiian beach

Talks to veterans and their spouses, a humble approach and respect for everyone.

Obama lets the child play in his oval office, while he interacts with his parents.

He meets people at a public restaurant, he has down to earth personality which make people feel at ease when they meet him.

Playing with a little Spiderman, at White House.

A light fruit bite to keep him fit.

Tossing football in the oval office, look like he is checking his form in the mirror.

A joyful moment during a ball room dance with his lady love Michelle Obama.

That’s a perfect rainbow touch, captured beautifully by Pete Souza.

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