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A hyped up love affair only for the film’s publicity!

While a considerable measure has been said and written in regards to a current Bollywood couple's relationship, everything limited to a shoddy attention stunt. The male star was said to be in a long haul association with a TV performer, which wound up in light of the fact that the on-screen character became weary of his unfaithful nature. 

Clearly, the main on-screen characters in the film, who've as of late got done with shooting for the same, are playing a sentimental couple in the film thus this entire genuine issue was only a special strategy. 

In all actuality the on-screen character is circumventing seeing a few ladies and is all the time times spotted playing with any ladies he spots in the gathering, after he's a couple drinks down. Truth be told, it was even announced that the performer got comfortable with one of the main A-lister on-screen character's better half at a form creator's birthday celebration.So while he gets the opportunity to keep his casanova picture out in the open, he's fairly depicted as the beau kid who's dedicatedly enamored with his co-star. All of which is an exposure trick arranged by the generation group. 

Presently we just need to watch if this trick will have any effect for their film.

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