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Bank Chor actor Vivek Oberoi roasts himself by referring to spat with Salman Khan and Tubelight. Read all that happened

Some sound movies, strong exhibitions and a lot of awards inside a time of his introduction, performer Vivek Oberoi was doing fine and dandy for himself. At that point, Salman Khan transpired. Today, even as Vivek finishes 15 years in the business, his vocation is definitely observed as — previously, then after the fact the 2003 discussion including him, hotshot Salman and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan! 

Vivek knows this and henceforth, has no hindrance reviewing the occurrence and notwithstanding snickering his heart out over it. Particularly, when he is at a 'broil'. Today, he facilitated an occasion to meal his Bank Chor co-star Riteish Deshmukh. What's more, what preferred approach to begin it once again to first force a decent one on himself. 

In this way, as he respected the media, individuals from whom later broiled Riteish, Vivek stated, "Last time punch maine public interview bulayi thi, tab meri tashreef slack gayi thi… " in a conspicuous reference to the question and answer session he called upon in 2003 where he guaranteed that Salman debilitated him over telephone calls. Vivek was around then purportedly in an association with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, the whiz's previous sweetheart. 

To underline his punch that he was to be sure alluding to Salman, Vivek included, "The individuals who didn't get this, I would state all of you are a Tubelight." It couldn't get clearer than this as the performer specified the name of Salman's up and coming discharge. 

After more than a 30 minute-meal of Riteish that included plenty of jokes on the performing artist's profession, it was the Q&A session that tossed the spotlight back on Vivek. The performer, who plays a cop in Bank Chor, was given a theoretical circumstance that how might he respond on the off chance that somebody discloses to him that the "Tubelight" fellow shows improvement over him (alluding to Salman's Dabangg establishment)? 

In the midst of uproarious cheers from different mediapersons, Vivek answered with a grin, "On the off chance that somebody says that to me then I would state, 'No doubt he does it extremely well and when section three (of Dabangg) will come I will go and watch it." Perhaps, seeing that his co-star was in a no nonsense mind-set, Ritiesh rose to the event and drew a few giggles to Vivek's detriment. At the point when a copyist solicited him a mystery from Vivek that lone he knows, Riteish replied, "Vivek has a major mouth. Things, which nobody knows, he goes out and enlightens everybody regarding them," in another indication of the scandalous occurrence. 

The meal was held as a piece of the limited time procedure of Bank Chor, which is created by Y-movies, a branch of Yash Raj Films. Likewise featuring Rhea Chakraborty and coordinated by Bumpy, it will hit theaters on June 16.

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