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Bigg Boss trailer: Kamal Haasan says people wear more masks in real life than him in films. Watch video

Performer Kamal Haasan on Friday held a press meet in Chennai to divulge the trailer of his forthcoming presentation network show, Bigg Boss Tamil. The on-screen character looked very prepared to go up against the new test in his beautified profession that ranges more than 50 years. He has guaranteed the watchers to detach the covers of the candidates in the up and coming reality appear. 

The trailer is a thought on each person, who wears a wide range of sorts of veils for different reasons. "I have played many characters in movies. On the off chance that I ask you who wears a bigger number of covers than me, you may state lawmakers. No. You folks wear a bigger number of covers, all things considered, than me in movies," Kamal says in the new trailer of the truth appear, that is gone for drawing out the concealed side of the members. The trailer reaches an end with a notice, where the performing artist says, members, "can't either run or cover up" in the Bigg Boss house as he will watch. 

Kamal said he will monitor every one of the competitors consistently and each Saturday, he will go ahead the show to share his considerations about the exercises of the housemates. Around 14 VIP candidates will live under a similar rooftop, cut off from the world, for around 100 days. The last individual staying in the Bigg Boss house will be delegated as the victor. The showrunners said that they will report the prize for the champ soon. 

Kamal said that in regards to 30 cameras will screen every one of the contenders in the house and the show will truly get intriguing when they overlook that they are being viewed. "Our real self turns out when we know we are not being viewed. I have brought on enough inconvenience for myself in the past by saying a couple of things ignorant of the camera," he said. 

He likewise gave a look at what the watchers can anticipate from him when he didn't waver to go after Bollywood hotshot Aamir Khan. When he was asked for what reason he didn't have a demonstrate that is socially more dependable like Satyamev Jayate, Kamal astounded everybody with his reaction. The on-screen character said he didn't require a TV show to exhibit his social obligation. "In my individual capicty, I have been performing more social obligations than the Satyamev Jayate's host," Kamal said attacking Aamir. "I take pride in saying that I've been doing as such for a long time now. I've been doing my urban obligations with no promotion but since of the web-based social networking like Twitter, they get advanced generally," he included. 

Kamal included that he has seen demonstrates facilitated by different individuals and he will attempt to make it as diversely as could reasonably be expected. The primary period of the show will go live on June 25 on Vijay TV. At 62, Kamal will make his little screen make a big appearance. Discussing it,"Recently, I was heading off to a recording and I could feel butterflies in my stomach. It is same when I consider this show. The day I don't feel butterflies in my stomach, I will leave my place of employment," he included.

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