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Did Kajol avoid Malaika Arora Khan because of Karan Johar?

Kajol and movie producer Karan Johar may have been the best of companions in the past yet now they don't have a similar bond. Them two are not on talking terms and attempt to maintain a strategic distance from each other's nearness at occasions as well. This, as well as appears prefer this soured relationship is making a crack between their basic companions too. As of late, reports are proposing that Kajol hosted went to a gathering where the list if people to attend incorporated the name of performing artist Malaika Arora Khan. 

Obviously, Kajol stayed away from Malaika Arora Khan, who is likewise a companion of Karan, at a gathering, and did not welcome the last mentioned. A source has cited to a main day by day about it. (Likewise Read: Kajol gives an illumination on her video of eating a problem with) 

The source stated, "Considering the nearby and strong relationship shared amongst Malaika and Karan, Kajol who generally welcomes everybody, did not extend a formal welcome to Malaika at the gathering." [sic] 

Prior, Karan Johar had said in his personal history 'An Unsuitable Boy' expressing, "I wouldn't prefer to give a bit of myself to her (Kajol) at all since she's slaughtered all of feeling I had for her for a quarter century." [sic] 

"That tweet approved the craziness, that she could trust I would pay off somebody. I felt that is it. It's over. Also, she can never return to my life. I don't think she needs to either. I never need to have anything to do with them as a unit. She was the person who mattered to me yet now it's over," included the movie producer. [sic] 

It would appear that Kajol wouldn't like to impart any attach to the dear companions of Karan Johar.

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