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Divyanka Tripathi talks about the people who made her fall in love with Vivek Dahiya

Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya's marriage was a fabulous issue and everyone knows beyond all doubt that their story resembled one of the fables. The two had met on the arrangements of a show, cooperated, moved toward becoming companions and got hitched a year ago. Be that as it may, ever pondered who played the cupid? You're wrong in the event that you think it may be Divyanka's mother or Vivek's folks. Surprisingly it was Divyanka Tripathi's two fan-young ladies who got the two love winged creatures together. 

While performing in 'Nach Baliye 8' Divyanka at long last made this tremendous disclosure of the two young ladies in charge of their excellent romantic tale. It begun off from the time when Vivek Dahiya joined the group of the renowned TV demonstrate 'Yeh Hai Mohabbatein' depicting the part of a monitor. It was then when these two young ladies had made a web-based social networking page with the name "Divek" (the name with which the couple is affectionately tended to now). 

They found a couple assemble pictures where Divyanka and Vivek were seen snapped with a couple of different companions. What's more, as blessed as it sounds, Vivek and Divyanka were standing other than each other while the photos were taken. These young ladies edited the two out of the other group and posted the photos on their web-based social networking page. Before long, Divyanka, who prior had no affections for Vivek, began falling for the man seeing these photos of them together. Thus it was their fans who made her acknowledge about cultivator excellent the two look together and that they'd make a stunning couple. 

In the wake of portraying her whole romantic tale, she called the two young ladies in front of an audience and expressed gratitude toward them sincerely to bring this enormous change in her life. Furthermore, shockingly, one of these two young ladies is composing a life story on Divyanka and has likewise gone and met her mom in Bhopal and her sister in Bengaluru to find out about the on-screen character. 

Such a decent deed and such a wonderful romantic tale!

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