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‘Half Girlfriend’ movie review: A tedious watch!

Directed By: Mohit Suri

Produced By: Balaji Motion Pictures, Mohit Suri, Chetan Bhagat

Cast: Arjun Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Vikrant Massey

Duration:  2 hours 15 minutes

Rating: 2.5/5

However another Chetan Bhagat film, this ought to state it all, yet well… ! So the film begins with Madhav Jha (Arjun Kapoor) who has a place with Buxar, Bihar and applies in an extremely prestigious school in Delhi, St. Stephens. His poor English with a substantial Bhojpuri complement plays spoilsport. Yet, since he's a state level b-ball player, he gets past school with the assistance of games standard. Here begins the romantic tale… He happens to meet Riya Somani (Shraddha Kapoor), lovely, rich, prominent and so on and so forth! Riya and Madhav are posts separated, yet they gel along well in the end because of their normal love for b-ball. Like each other common romantic tale, Madhav falls frantically enamored with Riya, yet Riya doesn't wish to be his sweetheart. Be that as it may, since their companionship is somewhat more than just companions, the exceptionally confused hypothesis of 'Half Girlfriend' sneaks in. Sooner than later, Madhav tries to get physically private with Riya which winds up in an oppressive circumstance with her. (Dena Hai Toh De, Varna Kat Le… AHEM!) This, clearly turns into the defining moment for Riya and she breaks each bond with Madhav. Over the timeframe, Riya endures a harsh marriage and on the opposite side, Madhave comes back to his town, not able to tolerate with Riya's nonattendance from his life. Back in the town, he starts to focus on his town's welfare, where his mom runs a little school. Didn't we say this is a run of the mill romantic tale? Since fate gets them front of each other at the end of the day, after so long, yet this time in Bihar. Goodness likewise, Bill Gates comes to Bihar and guarantees money related guide to the sharp educationists of the state. So in the event that you go to see, pretty much it was Bill Gates who rejoined the two lost souls. In any case, there's nothing to fault on Mohit Suri. The principal half of the film just focuses on the adjustment of the book. 

Strategy acting doesn't generally work out. Madhav Jha is so far the most dissimilar character Arjun Kapoor has played; and it doesn't seem as though he was exceptionally agreeable in Madhav's shoes. Saying this doesn't imply that we doubt his acting capacities. Give him one "Aurangzeb" or one 'Discovering Fanny', he will demonstrate to you his ability. Be that as it may, not here. The best lingual authority mentor or a significant number of Mohit Suri's script perusing sessions didn't help Arjun absorb his character's best characteristics. Thus, Madhav Jha ends up being a man whose emergency never comes totally genuine, and never interfaces with his situation; particularly after the principal half (since that is the point at which the acting starts). Shraddha Kapoor looks significantly more plastic, and never figures out how to breathe in the ethos of her part through and through. While she expected to be a lady torn between her own particular decisions and the decisions that others make for her, the contentions lived by Shraddha look artificial; regrettably. The main entertainer 'Into equal parts Girlfriend' is Vikrant Massey, who pulls himself all through. 

The most discernible downside in the screenplay of 'Half Girlfriend' is, none of the characters are persuading. A legit, grounded, calm Madhav Jha who is contemplating human science since he requests to see how "Bihar is as it seems to be" and needs to elevate his town, effortlessly offers into his companion's arrangements to drag Riya Somani into his room and request s*x. Riya Somani, who complains of Madhav's extremely poor English and fetchingly announces "Murmur Kya Kehte Hai Woh Important Hota Hai, Kaunsi Language Mein, Woh Nahi", speaks with him in her well-off English for whatever is left of the film. Amazingly, he figures out how to bode well out of them. Madhav's mom, the Rani Saheba of Simrao, a dowager who brought her child up without any assistance and showed him to never abandon life, abnormally transforms into a lady with customary viewpoint when she comes to know her child is stirring up with a divorced person lady; and conveys unpleasant exchanges like "Chhodne Ki Aadat Hai Aap Ko. School, Husband, Thali Mein Khana". Hiccups! The rundown can go on. On top of that, the second half is unendurably moderate. We're more edgy for the romantic tale to arrive at a conclusion, more than Madhav himself is. 

The creation of 'Half Girlfriend' is fairly a little hero. In Mohit Suri's movies, tunes resemble scenes; they heighten the story. Here, "Baarish" and 'Phir Bhi Tum Ko Chahunga', two mitigating numbers, will figure out how to develop on you. Rest are to just include enthusiastic remainder. The film has been nicely shot. Be that as it may, a thousand moderate applauds the hopeless VFX of Bill Gates. That is to say, how? 

Skipping 'Half Girlfriend' won't be a misfortune. In any case, watch in the event that you are in for an anticipated and abandoned romantic tale. 

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