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Kamal Haasan on Rajinikanth’s entry into politics: No one should enter politics

Kamal Haasan is good to go to beauty the TV screens as he is facilitating the principal period of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1. The show is to be broadcast from July 25. At the press meet for the show, Kamal Haasan handled inquiries regarding his contemporary and companion Rajinikanth's looming section into legislative issues. There have been numerous a period when Rajinikanth's entrance into legislative issues was normal, be that as it may, this time individuals have considered it important after the on-screen character himself tended to the general population in the video. 

At the point when gotten some information about his assessment, Kamal clarified this is not the opportune time for anybody to enter governmental issues, take off alone Rajinikanth. He stated, "Given the current political situation in Tamil Nadu, I would state nobody ought to enter legislative issues. Not simply Rajinikanth or whatever other on-screen character. Any levelheaded individual won't do that." 

He was additionally inquired as to whether he would manage his companion when he enters legislative issues and Kamal answered this was not the correct stage to remark on the same. 

He additionally expressed that he has been in legislative issues since he began voting at 21 years old. He included, "One's inclination as a Tamil is imperative instead of being conceived as a Tamil. Gandhi. Nehru, Bose are not Tamils by birth but rather numerous Tamil individuals keep the names of those pioneers for their kids. I am viewed as a Keralite by numerous Malayalees. In the event that you request that whether I attempt turn into the CM of Kerala, I would state I am not intrigued by that." 

Remarking on whiz's perception that the Tamil Nadu political framework is degenerate, Kamal stated, "What he has said is neither wrong nor diverse. It is an affirmation made by many individuals and he has recently reverberated that."

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