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Malaysia Airlines jet turns back after man enters cockpit, threatens to detonate a bomb

A Malaysia Airlines plane was compelled to come back to the air terminal here after a rationally sick traveler undermined to explode a bomb and attempted to enter the cockpit. The 25-year-old man, accepted to be an Australian subject, was stifled by the team and travelers who tied him up with belts. The Kuala Lumpur-bound flight MH 128 was compelled to return and make a crisis arrival 30 minutes after it took off from Tullamarine Airport toward the end of last night. The man was captured via air terminal security after the plane landed and is currently in police care. 

"We trust that the activities of the travelers and team were gallant," Victoria Police Superintendent Tony Langdon was qouted as saying. "They figured out how to quiet the circumstance, enable the airplane to return securely and we can't compliment them exceptionally enough." 

Langdon said the occurrence was not fear related and the man was known to police because of his history of emotional instability. He said the man was conveying an electronic gadget that police immediately acknowledged was not a bomb. "He had a bit of gear which, in every practical sense is something that everyone would bear regularly." 

Previous AFL player Andrew Leoncelli, who was a traveler on the flight, said the man shouted, "I have a bomb and I'm going to f***ing explode the plane," before flight orderlies and different travelers handled and controlled him. 

The Australian Associated Press (AAP) news office said that in airport regulation sound posted on the web, a male voice can be heard saying: "We have a traveler attempting to enter the cockpit." 

Around three minutes after the fact a similar male voice can be heard saying the traveler "asserting to have a dangerous gadget, attempted to enter the cockpit, (and) has been overwhelmed by travelers." "Notwithstanding we'd jump at the chance to arrive and have the gadget checked," the voice said. 

Malaysia Airlines in an announcement said the flying machine turned back "after the working Captain was alarmed by a lodge team of a traveler endeavoring to enter the cockpit". "Malaysia Airlines might want to stress that at no time was the flying machine 'seized'," it said. 

"MH128 securely arrived in Melbourne air terminal at 11.41 pm (neighborhood time). Taking after the episode on MH128, the troublesome traveler has been caught via air terminal security. Malaysia Airlines together with the Australian specialists will research the occurrence," it said.

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