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Naagin 2, 28th May full episode written update: Shivangi enters Rocky’s house amidst wedding preparations

Ruchika feels now that she has the Naag Mani, she can at long last have Rocky too. She is elated for her fantasy has at last worked out as expected, after all the insidious endeavors. Shivangi is en route to the sanctuary, where she meets Gurudev. Rough is returning and spots Tanya and Jadu Nath planning together to procure the Naag Mani. He is stunned to realize that both of them are cooperating. Tanya chooses to get hold of the Naag Mani in any capacity conceivable. 

Ruchika returns home and sees that Yamini is freezed. She sets her free promptly and Yamini begins posing her questions about the Naag Mani. Yamini feels that she hasn't taken the Naag Mani. Ruchika discloses to her that some person had done dark enchantment on her and that is the reason she was solidified. She demonstrates the Naag Mani and triumphantly declares that she got it at any rate. Yamini is eager to see the Naag Mani. 

Shivangi meets Gurudev alongside her new companion. She reveals to him how she was spared from the fall and passing. They discuss framing a group and conflicting with her new foes, deduction to gain the Naag Mani. Gurudev favors them two. 

Yamini arrangements to celebrate by opening a 15 year old wine bottle, which she spared only for the day she gets hold of the Naag Mani. Shivangi comes to know about Avni's marriage and how everyone is occupied with the arrangements. 

Ruchika reveals to Yamini that she won't give her the Naag Mani, until she gets the opportunity to wed Rocky. Yamini advises her not to stress as she'll deal with it. 

Shivangi arrangements to go about as one of the banjaran ladies to get passage in Rocky's home, in the midst of all the wedding scene. While entering, Yamini requests to see their confronts, which are generally vieled. Shivangi comes up with a rationalization that her significant other will beat her a great deal for demonstrating her face. Rough is agitated with loosing Shivangi yet Yamini is elated to realize that Ruchika has at last murdered her. Be that as it may, every one of them are uninformed that Shivangi is as yet alive.

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