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Pump Chip ‘Scam’: Petroleum Ministry directs OMCs to conduct surprise raids

Suspecting a cooperation between organization authorities and oil draw administrators in the short offering of fills, the oil service has coordinated oil advertising organizations (OMCs) to direct amazement attacks on all retail outlets (ROs) through an outsider and confer quick discipline against merchants and authorities supposedly included in the trick. 

Issuing a four-pronged system to counter the danger recognized in Uttar Pradesh a month ago, the service on May 15 had coordinated the OMCs to set up an "exhaustive activity plan" to check each of the 62,000 ROs to reestablish the certainty of open on the loose. 

"Direct amazement checks of ROs by an outsider (officers/group outside deals/showcasing divisions) and take prompt time-bound stringent departmental activity according to the Marketing Discipline Guidelines, including end of licenses, against ROs and officers discovered blameworthy," it said. 

The service trusts that the altering of administering units was getting uncontrolled principally in light of the fact that neither the location drive was as a rule entirely taken after by the OMCs' business officers nor the specialized instrument to identify them was idiot proof. 

Another purpose behind rehashed event of such episodes, said the service note, was the unjustifiable postponements by the OMC authorities in making a move against genuine offenses submitted by the merchants. This, it saw as an indication of merchant authority nexus. 

Keeping that in mind, the service's third step was that the OMCs "start criminal procedures against ROs having substantive charges of perpetrating acts of neglect". The fourth stage, it stated, was to guarantee an idiot proof instrument including investigating the likelihood of introducing a "double seal" at all retail outlets to stay away from repeat of such occurrences. 

A month ago, a Special Task Force in Uttar Pradesh uncovered a trick in which a few oil pumps were discovered utilizing remote control-connected electronic chips in their fuel administering machines to cheat buyers by giving them less fuel than what had been charged for. The introduced chip lessened the yield by 5 to 8 for each penny.

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