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Watch Video: Om Swami gets beaten up by a crowd!

It's no news that previous 'Bigg Boss 10' competitor Om Swami is continually flooding the web for all the wrong reasons. He's dependably in the spotlight for thing we wouldn't have any desire to watch. Be that as it may, this Friday, he showed up in a group loaded with individuals and what occurred next will make you chuckle! 

Clearly, Om Swami went to go to a program on the event of Nathu Ram Godse's introduction to the world commemoration in Delhi. In the program held in Vikas Nagar, Om Swami went ahead to give a discourse on the stage. Be that as it may, on his way from the beginning the stage, a couple people grasped him and irately began thumping him. Indeed, even ladies were heard raising their voice against him since he has been the most discourteous individual towards ladies. 

The purpose for it was that the group thought that it was offending to realize that a man like Om Swami was welcomed for the birth commemoration of such an awesome identity like Nathu Ram Godse. The group in a flash requesting that he get off the stage and beat him up in all that outrage. Om Swami even took a stab at fleeing towards his auto, yet the group didn't extra him. Individuals began encompassing the auto so as to not give him a chance to escape and this wound up in harming the auto and the driver too endured wounds. 

Watch this video to think about the entire scene:

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