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95-member jumbo India squad for Asian Athletics Championships

India today named a solid 95-part tea for one month from now's Asian Athletics Championships in Bhubaneswar with spear hurler Neeraj Chopra set the lead the test for the nation of origin. 

The squad incorporates 46 ladies. 

With an intend to gather most extreme number of decorations from the July 6-9 titles to be held at Kalinga Stadium, India handled its best accessible competitors. 

The occasion likewise has included significance as all the gold victors will naturally fit the bill for the World Athletics Championships to be held in London in August. 

Lance hurler Davinder Singh Kang, who tried positive for recreational medication pot, has additionally been named in the group. He was not given a temporary suspension as pot was a predefined substance under the WADA Code. 

"We have checked his case. Since Davinder has not been put under suspension, we have named him in the group. In the event that the NADA (Disciplinary Panel) passes any request or suspends him earlier or amid the titles, we will remove him from the group. 

"In any case, starting at now, there is no bar on him being chosen in the group," Athletics Federation of India Secretary CK Valson told PTI. 

Besides, the sections of seven competitors are likewise temporary and would be liable to their passing wellness trials in Bhubaneswar in front of titles. 

Two ladies competitors — hurdler and long jumper Nayana James and triple jumper Joyline Murali Lobo — and in addition plate hurler Vikas Gowda, long-jumper Siddharth Mohan Naik and triple jumper U Karthik will experience trials on June 30 while high hurdler Siddhanth Thingalaya would confront a trial on July 2. 

Among the top competitors who did not figure in the group incorporate ladies' 3000m steeplechaser Lalita Babar, who wedded as of late, and men's triple jumper Renjith Maheswary. 

Sports Federation of India President Adille Sumariwalla communicated trust that the competitors would show improvement over the last version in China. 

"Our competitors have had a string of strong exhibitions in the keep running up to the opposition and we trust they are prepared to convey their best here. We are certain they would win more than the 13 decorations asserted in the last version at Wuhan in China. Our group has various demonstrated entertainers and some energizing new ability," he said. 

An Olympian sprinter himself, Sumariwalla said he was certain of Odiya ladies sprinters Dutee Chand and Srabani Nanda too Amiya Kumar Malick in the men's dashes would secure platform wraps up. 

"Moreover, there are various capable competitors like spear hurlers Neeraj Chopra and Annu Rani, long jumper Ankit Sharma, steeplechaser Sudha Singh and quarter-miler Nirmala other than the 4x400m ladies' hand-off group that we have stuck our expectations on." 

More than 800 competitors are partaking in the occasion. This is the third time India is facilitating the mainland's biennial leader occasion after New Delhi (1989) and Pune (2013). 

The Team: 

Men: 100m and 200m: Amiya Kumar Mallick 

400m: Muhammed Anas, Amoj Jacob and Arokia Rajiv 

800m: Jinson Johnson and Vishambhar Keolkar 

1500m: Ajay Kumar Saroj and Siddhantha Adhikari 

5000m: G Lakshmanan and Murli Kumar Gavit 

10,000m: Lakshmanan, Gopi Thonakal and Kalidas Hirave 

3000m steeplechase: Naveen Kumar and Durga Bahadur Budha 

110m obstacles: Siddhant Thingalaya* and Prem Kumar 

400m obstacles: Jabir MP, Santhosh Kumar T and Durgesh Kumar Pal 

Shaft vault: S Siva 

High bounce: Chethan B and Ajay Kumar 

Long bounce: Ankit Sharma, Samsheer SE and Siddharth Mohan Naik* Triple hop: Arpinder Singh and Karthik U*; 

Shot put: Tajinder Pal Toor, Jasdeep Singh Dhillon and Omprakash Singh Karhana; 

Disk toss: Vikas Gowda*, Dharamraj Yadav and Kirpal Singh; 

Mallet toss: Niraj Kumar; 

Spear toss: Neeraj Chopa, Davinder Singh Kang and Abhishek Singh; 

Decathlon: Jagtar Singh and Abhishek Shetty; 

4x100m hand-off: Amiya Kumar Mallick, Jyotishankar Debnath, Anuroop John, VK Elakkiya Dasan, Pravin Muthukumaran and Chintha Sudhakar; 

4x400m hand-off: Muhammed Anas, Amoj Jaco, Arokia Rajiv, Sachi Roby, Mohan Kumar and Kunju Muhammed. 

Ladies: 100m and 200m: Dutee Chand and Srabani Nanda; 400m: Nirmala, MR Poovamma and Jisna Mathew; 

800m: Tintu Luka, Archana Adhav and Lili Das; 

1500m: Monika Choudhary; 

5000m: L Suriya and Sanjivani Jadhav; 

10,000m: L Suriya, Sanjivani Jadhav and Meenu; 3000m steeplechase: Sudha Singh and Parul Chaudhary; 

100m obstacles: Nayana James*; 

400m obstacles: Anu R, Jauna Murmu and Arpitha M. 

Post vault: KM Sangeeta; High bounce: Sahana Kumari and Swapna Barman; 

Long hop: Nayana James*, Neena V and G Karthika; 

Triple hop: Sheena NV and Joyline Murali Lobo*. 

Shot put: Manpreet Kaur, Ramanpreet Kaur and Anamika Das; 

Plate toss: Kamalpreeet Kaur Bal, Seema Punia and Himani Singh; 

Sledge toss: Sarita R Singh and Gunjan Singh; 

Lance toss: Annu Rani, Poonam Rani Singh and Suman Devi. 

Heptathlon: Swapna Barman, Purnima Hembram and Liksy Joseph. 

4x100m transfer: Dutee Chand, Srabani Nanda, Merlin Joseph, Reena George, Ruma Sarkar and Himashree Roy; 

4x400m transfer: Nirmala, Poovamma, Jisna Mathew, Vijayakumari GK, Sarita Ben Gayakwad and Debashree Mazumdar.

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