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Bank staff union seeks PM help to fill workman director vacancies

As nineteen out of the 20 open segment banks (PSBs) have been anticipating the arrangement of laborer/officer executives for up to three years now, the All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA) on Sunday composed a letter to the Prime Minister looking for his intercession. 

The letter composed by the AIBEA secretary general likewise says that no less than three portrayals to the back clergyman in the course of recent years have neglected to create any outcome in spite of confirmations. 

"It involves worry that the posts of worker and officer executives in the banks that have fallen empty from 2014, 2015 2016 still stay empty with the outcome that there is no portrayal on the Boards of the considerable number of banks speaking to the representatives and officers… Since our endeavors with the back service and furthermore the fund priest couldn't yield any outcome, we are obliged to deliver this immediate correspondence to you looking for your own consideration and positive intercession," said the letter composed by C H Venkatachalam, secretary general, AIBEA, to the Prime Minister. 

Information sourced from AIBEA demonstrate that with the exception of Dena Bank, no other PSB has a worker agent chief on their board. While the position of worker chief has been lying empty in Union Bank of India since April 2014, that in Canara Bank and Punjab National Bank have been empty since October 2014 and March 2016, individually. 

No less than 11 banks have such positions empty for more than one year now. Venkatachalam said in the letter that the Bank Nationalization Act/Banking Companies (Acquisition and Transfer of Undertakings) Act accommodates arrangement of a laborer worker agent and an officer worker delegate as chiefs on the Boards of all the PSBs. 

As indicated by the letter, the representatives' unions have as of now presented the board of names for arrangements and the bank administrations have likewise sent in their proposals. "We discover that all different conventions have likewise been finished yet the arrangements are withheld by the administration… We met the back clergyman on three events with our portrayal to speed up the arrangements who guaranteed that the matter is under process and would be sped up yet nothing has happened so far for as long as two years," the letter said.

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