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Before World Cup, pay hike for women cricketers

Indian ladies cricketers are good to go to get more cash per amusement and higher day by day stipend from the up and coming world container in England. Before, they got Rs 3 lakh for every arrangement, independent of the quantity of matches, yet will now get Rs 1 lakh for every diversion. Their day by day recompense too would be like men's as it has been climbed from $50 to $125 when playing abroad, and to $100 when playing in India. 

"The Indian ladies' group flies business class nowadays which was not the case before. Their DA has been expanded in the meantime there has been changes in installment structure. The men's and ladies' group will get same remittances from this time forward," BCCI diversion improvement director Ratnakar Shetty said. 

"It was amid BCCI president Anurag Thakur's chance that the proposition was taken up to resuscitate ladies' cricket. An appropriate review structure was presented like men's cricket. The BCCI had guaranteed more diversions which we have been doing now." 

A month ago, the Indian cricket load up had perceived the previous ladies cricketers by giving one-time advantage. With three ODIs regarded as one Test, those cricketers who played 9 or less Tests got 15 lakhs, those in the 10-24 Tests section got 25 lakhs, and veterans who highlighted in 25-49 Tests got 30 lakhs. 

The board likewise changed the annuity conspire, with those having played 1-9 coordinates before 2003-04 qualified for Rs 15,000 a month and those with more than 10 Tests to get Rs 22,000. 

With the world container in England slated to begin soon, the ladies' group had a five-day camp in Mumbai, with holding and media-intelligent sessions. 

"There were two sessions kept for these young ladies. One was media intelligent session where they were advised how to talk and connect with the media. In the event that they are not happy with English they ought to talk in Hindi. In the event that amid recreations or introduction they are getting a honor then they can go with a player who will interpret it for them. We did a deride session too. They likewise had a holding session with group building works out. It was first time the BCCI had such sort of things for them and players were exceptionally cheerful," Shetty said. 

In the mean time, on the eve of flight to England, Indian commander Mithali Raj was sure of a decent appearing in England. 

"We unquestionably need to win the World Cup. It would be an insurgency sort of thing for the Indian's ladies' cricket group. What's more, it offers driving force to young ladies to take up the game," Mithali said. 

"It would fill in as an awesome stage to exhibit the sort of cricket we have been playing in the previous two years. "Our first target is unquestionably get into the semis." India end up in an intense gathering where they will be contending with Australia, England and New Zealand. Also, the onus will be at the end of the day on the senior players to show India the way. 

"There are couple of seniors in the group who know about the World Cup, they know about the desires and the weight that one countenances amid the occasion. We have to manage the youths and be there for them in weight circumstances," Mithali said.

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