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Beyhadh actor Jennifer Winget supports Aneri Vajani after she’s slut-shamed: ‘We’re all made differently’

As of late Aneri Vajani otherwise known as Saanjh of Beyhadh fell prey to body shamers after she posted a photograph in underwear. Her International Yoga Day post was focused by haters and she was called excessively thin. While Aneri turned out with a lively reaction to the trolls, she has now discovered support in her show's co-star Jennifer Winget. The well known performing artist, in a current interview,came out with regards to Aneri.

In a meeting with Pinkvilla, Jennifer expressed, "You know as individuals, we'd jump at the chance to have some individual and private space in light of the fact that occasionally we owe that to ourselves – that commonality. Doing things that go unnoticed had any other individual decided to done as such. Call us credulous, yet with all the adoration and productive feedback that our fans give us, we simply accept that regard for that little protection and ordinariness accompanies it. "

Jennifer included, "As on-screen characters, in any case, it most likely goofs on us now and again that we are reliably on general society radar and constantly left open to trolling, body disgracing. We agreed to accept it in any case — dressed totally, stylishly or the way individuals think doesn't work for them. All things considered, in the event that it works for us, that is all that should matter, we don't contemplate ourselves. We're cheerful being us — thin, fat or overweight. Much the same as everybody, we too are attempting to make sense of our body – managing it as would you, in a solid way eating right, working out. We're altogether made in an unexpected way. By disgracing each other, we're truly disgracing ourselves. We buckle down in our occupations similarly as anybody and toward the day's end we'd like our diligent work to not need to worry about what individuals think we do or don't or our identity or are most certainly not. They don't have any acquaintance with us, cheerfully unfollow, that is simpler to do!"

Bollywood and TV on-screen characters are constantly under weight to look a specific way. Aneri otherwise known as Saanjh of Beyhadh as of late posted her photograph in unmentionables and inscribed it, "When You Own Your Breath NoBody Steals Your Peace! Upbeat Yoya Day! :) #yoga day!" The minute the photograph circulated around the web via web-based networking media, the on-screen character got trolled for looking thin and the trolls labeled her as 'unhealthy (sic)'. Some even remarked on her decision of garments and prostitute disgraced the performing artist.

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In spite of the fact that later she came up given a fitting answer to the prostitute shamers on Twitter. She expressed, "Yes I posted a photo on Instagram! A few people loved it some didn't. In any case, truly, what's the issue with you individuals? In the event that you are fat and you post a photo, the world has issue. In the event that you are thin and you post a photo again world has issue. Folks, on the off chance that you have such a large amount of issue at that point overlook the photo. The photo is for me. I posted it for me! Cool off. God more likely than not given you a decent face at that point even figure out how to talk. Be that as it may, no stresses, God will roll out it all great yet improvement your attitude. Much obliged to You." 

Aneri got perceived on the little screen after her show, Nisha Aur Uske Cousins, where she played the main character of Nisha and was acknowledged for her part of an intense and a candid young lady. 

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