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BlackBerry announces new software for running complex computer systems on vehicles

BlackBerry Ltd said on Wednesday it has grown new programming for running complex PC frameworks on vehicles, giving the once prevailing cell phone producer a leg up in a prospering section of the innovation showcase. 

The organization declined to name any automakers who plan to utilize the innovation, however senior BlackBerry official John Wall said "different" auto organizations have begun joining it into locally available PC frameworks of vehicles that are right now being developed. 

BlackBerry touted the item, the QNX Hypervisor 2.0, as an approach to make vehicles more secure from hacking, saying it can separate numerous frameworks to keep running on a solitary bit of silicon, enabling them to segregate capacities basic to wellbeing from frameworks that are presented to remote systems. 

"Think about a house, and a criminal getting into a room. So regardless of the possibility that the thief gets into that room, the entryway is kept, he can't escape that room. Furthermore, regardless of the possibility that he can get into the foyer, alternate rooms are bolted," Wall, the leader of BlackBerry's QNX division said in a video chat with journalists. 

QNX has a solid position in the market for web associated auto infotainment frameworks, and is hoping to lift deals by venturing into a greater amount of the vehicle. The car business is one of the quickest developing fragments of the innovation showcase, as automakers race to include more self-governing elements and eventually try to manufacture self-driving autos. 

Qualcomm Inc said the new hypervisor is perfect with its Snapdragon 820Am car processor, empowering carmakers to lessen equipment intricacy and expenses by putting numerous frameworks on a solitary stage. 

BlackBerry offers were minimal changed in morning exchange. They have taken off around 63 percent since late March on trusts in high deals development from QNX and other generally new items.

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