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Canadian ‘inventor’ of the pineapple-topping ‘Hawaiian’ pizza dies at 83

This year has seen numerous a civil argument on pineapple besting on the pizza. From Iceland's President intensely saying that the pineapple on pizza ought to be prohibited, to big name culinary expert Gordon Ramsay agreeing with the thought. All things considered, a Canadian man who is generally credited with designing the pineapple-topped pizza kicked the bucket at 83 years old. 

As per an eulogy by his family, Sam Panopoulos had been in doctor's facility in London, Ontario, when he passed on all of a sudden on Thursday (June 8). Panopoulos was conceived in Greece and emigrated to Canada in 1954. He told various news media that he made his first "Hawaiian" pizza in 1962 at the Satellite Restaurant in Chatham, Ontario, in the wake of thinking about whether canned pineapple may make a wonderful garnish. 

His claim wasn't undisputed, as there are cases that the pizza could have been designed in Australia, while some say its starting point is in a German dish with ham, cheddar and pineapple on toast. 

Be that as it may, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau posted a tweet in support of Panopoulos' claim by alluding to the dish "a delectable southwestern Ontario creation". He was reacting to a clowning proposal by Iceland's President Gudni Johannesson that pineapple pizzas ought to be restricted. 

One of Panopoulos' children depicted his dad as a devoted family man who "wasn't hoping to get popular". Charge Panopoulos said he would not like to remark further, including "the Hawaiian pizza story and his settler story were his to tell". Panopoulos' burial service is set for Monday.

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