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Federation Cup Athletics: Back from Kingston, Srabani Nanda pips Dutee Chand to gold

For sprinter Srabani Nanda, the Rio Olympics was a to a great extent forgettable undertaking. She completed 55th out of the 72 contenders and neglected to meet all requirements for the elimination rounds. In any case, she understood her huge dream of meeting her object of worship Usain Bolt at the Games Village and figured out how to communicate with him. It was in Rio that she initially came to catch wind of the MVP Track and Field Club in Kingston and their one of a kind procedure. Before long grew the fantasy of preparing in the celebrated foundation, where regulars incorporate two-time Olympic gold medalist Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. 

A proposition was drafted and the state government affirmed Srabani and her mentor Tarun Shan to prepare at the institute. Her supporters excessively obliged and the state guaranteed the needed monetary help — the seven-month stay cost them almost Rs 1 crore — so she could appear her fantasy of preparing in the sprint capital of the world. 

On different perspectives, the stretch was a disclosure for both. The preparation techniques were so unique and "progressive" that it confounded both Srabani and Shah. "In India, we generally advise sprinters to give everything in the initial 30 meters however that wasn't the situation there.The concentrate was on first walk. In the event that you have great pushed in your begin your will naturally get speed in the last couple of meters," he clarifies. 

Srabani's weight-preparing was additionally altered and the 26-year-old needed to buckle down on adding more pushed to her begin. The eating regimen was meat-overwhelming; which made her somewhat uneasy at first. "They eat a great deal of hamburger there. Be that as it may, I don't because of my religious convictions. It is dependably somewhat hard to modify when you move to new place, however I oversaw as this was not my first outing abroad," she says. 

So when she returned home for the Federation Cup, there was a reasonable buildup around her. There was likewise a discernment she needed to bust, that she is just second best to state-mate Dutee Chand. She figured out how to break that in 200m, timing 23.57 seconds, which sufficed to beat Dutee by .3 seconds. 

In any case, desires of a "Jamaican-like" keep running at minute is unjustifiable she accepts. "This is quite recently my first year there. I have changed my strategy a considerable measure. The begin, the push and complete, the sum total of what perspectives have been tweaked yet it will require some investment." While Friday's execution may have somewhat modified the dependably the-second-best observation, the greater test will be to beat Dutee in 100m. "She's great in 200m however in 100m, I will improve," affirms Dutee. On the off chance that Srabani can make her nibble these words, she would be more than battled. What's more, the recognition exiled for good.

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