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Game of Thrones star Kit Harington says Jon Snow is in mortal danger

Jon Snow may have been restored through the forces of the Red Woman, yet he would still be able to kick the bucket. For sure, Kit Harington, the performing artist who plays the character, has said to a magazine that Jon Snow is in "mortal threat". He has likewise said that he felt safe in season 6 since he "thought it would be terrible narrating to murder me in the [same] season I'd been revived." 

"I felt safe in season six since I thought it would be awful narrating to execute me in the [same] season I'd been restored," he revealed to SFX magazine. "In any case, concerning seasons past six, it has returned to business. He's in mortal risk like any other person." Jon Snow as a character has been included in a portion of the bloodiest fights in the historical backdrop of one of the bloodiest shows on TV at this moment. 

In 6th season finale itself, he was occupied with the greatest fight that happened on the show when he vanquished the armed force of malevolent Ramsay Bolton yet with the assistance of Littlefinger who landed at the last possible second. The fight was likewise the most costly succession done by the makers of Game of Thrones ever. It was known as the 'Clash of the Bastards' for the pioneers of the both armed forces – Jon and Ramsay – were rats. 

It takes a huge measure of fortunes for a character to get by in a show like Game of Thrones. To be sure, Jon Snow did not survive. He filled in as the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch before being killed and he was cut by his own particular siblings for they thought he was selling out the ethos of the Night's Watch by welcoming Wildlings on their side of the divider. He was later restored by the Red Priestess diverting the forces of her God (called the Lord of Light).

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