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Guatemalan official pleads guilty in FIFA scandal

A 63-year-old previous authority in Guatemala's Football Federation separated in tears as he conceded to wire misrepresentation and intrigue in the enormous defilement embarrassment that has shaken world football. 

Hector Trujillo, who filled in as general secretary of the Guatemalan league from 2009 to 2015 and furthermore was a judge on the nation's established court, admitted to one number of wire misrepresentation and one tally of wire extortion trick. 

He was captured on December 4, 2015 while on a family journey in Florida and at first argued not blameworthy to eight charges against him. 

Friday's supplication implies there are as yet three respondents because of stand trial in November — the individuals who have kept on arguing not liable regarding the biggest defilement embarrassment ever. 

US prosecutors say Trujillo and other alliance authorities acknowledged countless dollars in kickbacks from a Miami-based games showcasing organization in return for media and promoting rights to Guatemala's World Cup qualifier matches. 

Trujillo consented to relinquish $175,000 as a major aspect of his request. In January 2016, he posted a $4 million bond, surrendering his travel permit and submitting to electronic checking. He as of now lives in Florida. 

The US examination, first uncovered in May 2015, has seen government prosecutors in New York arraign around 40 football and games advertising administrators with supposedly accepting a huge number of influences and kickbacks. 

The outrage encouraged the destruction of long-lasting FIFA president Sepp Blatter and his previous beneficiary clear, Michel Platini. 

A significant number of those arraigned have confessed and consented to participate with prosecutors in return for conceivable mercy.

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