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Ivan Thanthiran movie review: Gautham Karthik film is logically inconceivable

Ivan Thanthiran movie cast: Gautham Karthik, Shraddha Srinath, RJ Balaji

Ivan Thanthiran movie director: Kannan

Ivan Thanthiran movie rating: 2.5 stars

In Ivan Thanthiran, Sakthi, played by Gautham Karthik, is an architect who runs a contraption shop with his companion Balaji, played by RJ Balaji in Chennai. He is a specialist in both programming and equipment building and sustains desire of beginning his own tech organization to challenge Apple's amazingness in the Indian device showcase. He constructs his own particular image of cell phone and calls it 'Berikai', which implies Pears in Tamil. Calling the eager venture of the lead character in this way, chief Kannan, who has likewise composed the story and screenplay, neither motivates giggles or make us trust that Sakthi is not kidding about his objective. 

HRD Minister Devaraj (Super Subbarayan) suspends many designing schools in Tamil Nadu for obviously not following the rules of the administration, guaranteeing that these universities are not creating quality specialists. While it might appear like a correct move, the clergyman really utilizes his office to blackmail cash from the school administrations. Sakthi, who was introducing the CCTV cameras at the clergyman's home when Devaraj made this declaration to the press, censures him, which is heard by priest's brother by marriage. Therefore, the clergyman declines to pay Sakthi's expense, which is Rs 23,000. Sakthi won't let it slide, he visits the clergyman's home each day for the cash, until the point when one day he is offended by the pastor's brother by marriage before everybody. He pledges to make the pastor pay for everything. 

He chooses to namelessly uncover the pastor's dealings with the designing school administrations. He utilizes every one of the assets available to him to pull it off. He has all the favor toys, similar to a miniaturized scale GPS tracker that could be introduced in a 100 rupees note, bug camera and other cool spy contraptions that we can discover at Batman's safehouse or at the workshop of British insight. What's more, yes, I neglected to specify about the cutting edge PCs like the one's utilized by Tony Stark in Iron Man arrangement. 

On the off chance that you are prepared to disregard these intelligent indiscretions, you may discover Ivan Thanthiran as genuinely engaging. The film has its minutes, for the most part when Balaji portrays the upsides and downsides of being an architect. The chief has likewise attempted to demonstrate the challenges the understudies and their families experience at building universities. He has accomplished it with the time-regarded custom of making a top understudy from a modest family submit suicide. In any case, demonstrating a honor winning building understudy, with the capability of turning into a researcher, tending to tables at an eatery for a compensation of Rs 12,000 is somewhat of an extend. There is a motivation behind why most of the guardians select their youngsters in a building course in the nation. 

Shraddha Srinath's part as Sakthi's better half contributes next to no to take the story forward. Nonetheless, the activity is engaging with acceptable trick successions. 

Ivan Thanthiran is an okayish film that may keep you engaged generally in the event that you can smother your capacity of basic intuition for two or three hours.

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