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Kate Winslet stopped from filming with a mountain lion

Hollywood performing artist Kate Winslet was great with shooting a scene with a mountain lion for her new motion picture The Mountain Between Us, yet the makers and her significant other Ned Rocknroll did not release her near the creature. The 41-year-old will star inverse Idris Elba in plane crash survival story The Mountain Between Us and for one specific scene, Winslet's character, photojournalist Alex Martin, encounters a major feline in the wild, reports dailymail.co.uk. "They never let the lion into the plane while I was in there. I was available. Be that as it may, the studio resembled, 'No! It won't occur'," Winslet said. 

Uncovering how her significant other idea it was a joke when he saw signs cautioning the cast and team that there would be "cougars on set", she included: "It had a notice which read 'cougars on set today. No one wears red. No noisy clamors. No nourishment or drink on set.' He thought it was a joke. Furthermore, I stated, 'It's not a joke.' He didn't need those lions near me by any stretch of the imagination." The Mountain Between Us is a romantic tale from chief Hany Abu-Assad and in light of the novel by a similar name by Charles Martin. 

Prior, Winslet had said that she found that shooting for The Mountain Between Us was significantly harder than it had been for Titanic. Kate Winslet plays a photojournalist and Idris Elba plays specialist separately. They are stranded in the wild after their plane is smashed, and they need to survive to a great degree cool conditions in High Uintas Wilderness. The film depends on the novel of a similar name composed by Charles Martin.

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