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Naagin 2 season finale, 25th June 2017 full episode written update: Yamini and Shesha are killed by Ardhanareshwar

The scene begins with Shivangi appearing as Shankama and they all touching base at the mandap for Shesha and Rocky's marriage. As the wedding ceremonies start Romil and Aliya chopped down the ceiling fixture which falls on Shesha. In any case, Rocky spares Shesha and Shankama/Shivangi requests that Shesha go to the collapse wilderness to get hitched. Yamini questions Rocky's expectations, as Shesha touches base at the buckle with Rocky, Shivangi comes there and discloses to Shesha reality about Rocky being with her. Rough stands by Shivangi and says he knew her reality the day he saw her killing Anshuman. He moves her. Shesha is unpleasantly vexed that Rocky deluded her and she says she will crush them both at this point. As the battle begins Shesha appears as Thakshika and discards Rocky. 

Yamini asks to Mansi Bua to take her to Rocky and they yield. Yamini goes to get the auto and Romil asks Mansi Bua for what good reason she yielded, Mansi says she feels it is great to take her there as after Shesha, Rocky and Shivangi can murder Yamini as well. 

The war proceeds as Shivangi assaults Shesha. Shivangi puts Shesha around flame as a sword carves her through and her blood spills the ground. Shivangi and Rocky inhale a moan of help to see an end of Shesha. Rough and Shivangi get back home scanning for Yamini and see the recording in the portable workstation in which Yamini had seen the whole truth through the concealed camera in Mansi Bua's room. Presently Rocky and Shivangi stress over Mansi, Romil and Aliya. Rough says he won't leave Yamini on the off chance that she does anything to any of them to get the Naagmani. 

Shivangi and Rocky come to Gyaanima looking for offer assistance. Romil and Mansi Bua dangle from a bluff at Ardhnareshwar sanctuary. Gyaanima takes them there and Rocky salvages them both while Gyaanima spares Aliya. Gyaanima says demise does not come here. Mansi says Yamini took the Naagmani from them. Gyaanima demonstrates to them where Yamini went, Rocky sends the family home while he and Shivangi take after Yamini. They corner Yamini yet Yamini is certain to murder Shivangi simply as she did to Shivanya. Rough and Shivangi can't touch Yamini as she has Naagmani. She draws away all forces off Shivangi and Rocky, and she says there story is over. Shivangi says Lord Shiva will himself act the hero his admirers. Yamini insults them and Shivangi tries to push her with all her outstanding quality and Rocky joins her. Be that as it may, Yamini hits them both away by Naagmani, and tries to execute Shivangi with Shiva's trishul. Shiva's damru hits Yamini and the Naagmani ricochets off into Shivangi's hands. 

Shivangi and Rocky recover their forces and they snatch Yamini and toss her on a trishul executing her quickly. Rough says everything is over and now they can begin once again an existence of adoration. Shesha returns to life and comes back to slaughter them. Rough and Shivangi return home to discover the family in Shesha's hold. Shesha takes the family away and says she would keep them till Shivangi gives her the Naagmani. 

Rough and Shivangi accept Gyaanima's recommendation to murder Thakshika as Shesha is dead and what exists is Thakshika. Gyaanima says not a drop of blood of Thakshika should fall on ground and furthermore she can be slaughtered just by Ardhanareshwar. Shivangi hands over the Naagmani to Gyaanima to keep it securely and goes off to get Shesha to Ardhanareshwar sanctuary to execute her. They come to the Thakshak Lok and reveal to Shesha that lone an effective maharani can take the Naagmani from the sanctuary of Ardhanareshwar. 

Shesha goes with them and they demonstrate her the Naagmani under the Shivling. Shesha's snakes come there to secure her and Shesha tries to get the Naagmani however is assaulted by Naagmani. Shesha calls for assault yet right then Shesh Naags come there and save them. Shesha takes Thakshika's shape and tries to assault them however Shesha is made unflinching. Shivangi and Rocky petition Ardhanareshwar for quality to murder Shesha and there is a tempest. Shivangi and Rocky appear as Ardhanareshwar and slaughter Shesha. Shivangi says thanks to Rocky for everything and as she is going to embrace him, Rocky penetrates a trishul into her and says he generally needed to slaughter her maxim it is critical for her to kick the bucket. He embraces her as she kicks the bucket in his arms. 

Rough shouts in anguish and Rithvik comes there. Rough says he executed Shivangi as Rithvik had said. Rithvik says she was the greatest energy of Sheshvansh and nothing could kill her aside from adoration and today he did it. Love executed love and Shivangi needed to bite the dust. Rithvik says her passing was composed thus she kicked the bucket and Naagin was done.

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