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New Overwatch Teaser Hints at New Hero

The previous evening on Twitter, the official record for Overwatch discharged an enigmatic articulation that has left many fans in perplexity. The tweet uncovered that "new points of interest" have surfaced with respect to the destiny of Horizon Lunar Colony. Winston, an officially playable character, is from this range. 

The tweet incorporates a picture that demonstrates the status of example in the province notwithstanding a guide of the settlement itself. Not surprisingly, Winston is mysteriously gone. What's fascinating however, is that another character is additionally lost from the zone: Hammond. 

The guide underneath shows that the "E" area of the settlement is confronting something tricky, as it is hued in orange. Maybe Hammond has gotten away from this specific unit. 

A few fans are theorizing that Hammond could be the following playable saint in the amusement, while others are speculating that Horizon Lunar Colony could be another guide. Whatever reality might be, Overwatch is by all accounts having an incredible time playing with its nourishment, reacting to fans' tweets with different images.

Whether Hammond is confirmed as a new hero or Horizon Lunar Colony as a new map, it appears that something new is coming to Overwatch sometime in the near future. The game’s anniversary event is currently ongoing.

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