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Raabta vs Magadheera: Sushant Singh Rajput, Kriti Sanon film set for more trouble before release?

Only fourteen days before Raabta was set to hit the screens, the creators of Magadheera guaranteed that it is a duplicate of their film. 

Magadheera, the 2009 Telugu sentimental activity film was composed by K. V. Vijayendra Prasad and coordinated by the chief of amazing film Baahubali and Baahubali 2, SS Rajamouli. The film's subject depends on resurrection, and Raabta likewise spins around rebirth and association from a prior life. 

In the most recent advancements in this tussle, producers of Raabta contended for more than 5 hours in court yesterday refering to a few contrasts in the script and storyline of their film Raabta and Magadheera. The main contention being, the foundation of the lead characters, their storyline advancement, the part of reprobate, the remote areas and in particular the finale of the film is totally and tangibly not the same as that of Magadheera. 

Notwithstanding, the creators of Magadheera had faulted the producers of Raabta that the famous 100 warriors scene from Magadheera has been lifted in Raabta, which group Raabta has denied. There are more scenes that are professedly replicated, and the part of the scalawag is likewise guaranteed to be the same as Magadheera. The two sides will battle out 'copyright encroachment' issues in the court even tomorrow. 

The T-Series legal counselor Ankit Relan on this matter stated, "We have recorded the whole script of our film alongside a near graph demonstrating how the two movies are totally unique in their story, treatment and expression, something that the Plaintiff should have done in any case as a major aspect of his pleadings to show relative similitudes. Nor were any such similitudes pointed nor has the Plaintiff recorded its script for the judge to make a correlation." 

He additionally expressed that the producers of Magadheera have not watched Raabta to sue them on premise of copyright encroachment. Relan stated, "The whole suit, which has been documented at the eleventh hour in spite of the trailer turning out over a month and a half back, depends on guesses. We can't see how a film of more than 2.30 hours in span can sensibly be contrasted and a trailer of around two minutes to bounce to a finish of copyright encroachment. We even offered to demonstrate the whole film to the Plaintiff as far back as on seventeenth of a month ago itself, to which the insight for Plaintiff reacted just on the midnight of May 30, 2017, one night before the following hearing, expressing that the answer was left lying with the gatekeeper of their building this while. They dismisses the offer to see the film, obviously." 

The last decision on this asserted copyright encroachment instance of the creators of Raabta will be out tomorrow.

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