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Sale of used cars: GST only on margins made by dealer, says Adhia

The offer of second-hand autos on the seller stages will draw in products and ventures assess (GST) just on the edges made by the merchant, income secretary Hasmukh Adhia cleared up on Tuesday, evacuating worries that the duty will apply on the whole deal esteem. The income secretary likewise said offer of utilized autos between people or by individual to a firm won't be dealt with as assessable exchange under GST. The duty will apply just on autos sold by enlisted merchants. 

The GST rates for second-hand auto exchanges will be the same as the new autos of a similar make — 29 for every penny for little autos or 43 for every penny for the various autos. At present, utilized autos draw in VAT at 0.5-14 for each penny in crosswise over different states and the collect is on the resale esteem. Assessment specialists said in states where the VAT on rates on utilized autos is higher than 5-6 for every penny , the expense frequency will be bring down under GST and in different states there could be negligible increment. 

GST on the deal cost of utilized autos would have added up to twofold tax assessment (as extract obligation and VAT are as of now paid) and lifted the costs. At present, if the resale cost is Rs 3.5 lakh for an utilized little auto, the duty will be Rs 7,000 in an express that duties 2 for each penny VAT. Be that as it may, under GST, the duty will be Rs 9,000 accepting a merchant edge of 10 for each penny. 

Expense specialists said before it was uncertain whether an individual pitching the auto to an assigned merchant would draw in assess under turn around charge component (RCM). As per the GST Act, an enlisted merchant obtaining from an unregistered merchant is at risk for assess under RCM, which implies that the enrolled merchant would deduct the duties from the installment to be made to the provider. FE

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