Salman Khan’s take on being highest paid actor according to Forbes is too funny: ‘Yeh paise kahan hai, bhai?’ - ShadowTV | Online News Media 24/7 | The Shadow Behind the Truths!

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Salman Khan’s take on being highest paid actor according to Forbes is too funny: ‘Yeh paise kahan hai, bhai?’

Salman Khan was recorded in the Forbes best 100 most generously compensated superstars of 2017 with profit of $38 million (approx. Rs 245 crore) between June 1, 2016, to June 1 this year. Be that as it may, when the on-screen character was asked how he felt being on the rundown, he himself was pondering where all his cash goes. In a meeting, the 51-year-old performing artist talked about how a few days ago he was examining a similar thing with his contemporary Shah Rukh Khan and clarified how he has not possessed the capacity to purchase his own place. 

"You know Shah Rukh and I were talking the previous evening, and we stated, "Yeh kya (Forbes' rundown) hai? Hamesha, we miss the mark concerning cash to purchase either… " regardless I haven't possessed the capacity to purchase my home. I used to miss the mark by a couple of lakhs some time recently, and after that it turned into a crore, at that point few, and now I'm short by a significant number crores to purchase my own particular place. And afterward this present Forbes' rundown!" Salman said in a meeting to Mid-Day. 

He proceeded with, "I don't have that cash. I genuinely don't have that cash. I was experiencing it and going, "Yeh paise kahan hai, bhai? Kidhar?" When a film makes Rs 500 crore, just an extremely ostensible sum from that comes to you. It's quite recently that your business is worth Rs 500 crore." 

In any case, does his business bring him enough cash? Indeed, the performer has a response to that as well. He says that he is a terrible agent and whatever he makes, the vast majority of it is taken up by his accomplice and the rest leaves for paying off duties. 

"Be that as it may, with Being Human apparel, we have an accomplice who takes a specific sum. From what comes to us, we pay expenses, and after that it backpedals to Being Human. A similar thing with cycles, gems… Our business intrigue is towards what we can put into the beneficent trust. We were at that point putting in a great deal," said the Tubelight on-screen character. 

All in all, passing by what Salman has stated, where does all his cash go? In the interim, the Forbes had revealed that Shah Rukh, positioned 65th on the rundown of 100 most generously compensated performers and has earned $38 million (approx. Rs 245 crore) this year.

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