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The Internet Can't Stop Making Memes About Imad Wasim's Hair !

The Pakistan versus India coordinate has been advertised up for quite a while. Each time the two nations clash, the universe of online networking is set on fire with. This time around, as well, individuals were prepared to discuss anything of noteworthiness that occurred amid the match.The web has discovered its most recent squash and it is none other than Pakistani bowler, Imad Wasim. And keeping in mind that India-Pakistan may well be the greatest subject of discussion right now, individuals had a LOT of contemplations about the Wasim's center separating too.Check out his new haircut.

However, what was more surprising was his new haircut.

To some, this new hairdo was reminiscent of our dear Anjali from Kuch Kuch Hota Hain.

And some said Tere Naam release hone ke baad aaj hi ghar se nikla hai .

Even sky has started to cry after watching imad wasim's new hair style.

Ah, that middle-parting.

Those tresses.

Close enough?

Its sad to see people trolling Imad Wasim when he is giving his heart out.

Imad wasim looks like rajpal yadav with this hairstyle.


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