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Zayn Malik got no celebrity treatment as One Direction member

Artist Zayn Malik says he got no uncommon treatment as a superstar when he was a piece of the band One Direction, and in fact he once needed to experience numerous security checks in America on account of his "name" and different things. 

He uncovered that he was subjected to a string of security checks at an air terminal in the US, which brought about him being kept for three hours after landing in view of ethnicity, reports 

"The first occasion when I came to America, I had three security checks before I got on the plane," Malik said. 

"In the first place they said that I'd been haphazardly chosen, at that point they said it was something to do with my name, it was hailing something on their framework. It resembled a motion picture, they kept me there for three hours, addressing me about a wide range of insane stuff. I was 17, fly slacked off the plane and confounded. A similar thing happened whenever as well," he included. 

Malik who is a British Muslim in media outlets has an "awesome feeling of pride". 

He is likewise intensely mindful of his "duty" along these lines and he wouldn't like to be "characterized" by his religion or foundation. 

Prior, Zayn uncovered that his association with Gigi Hadid has nothing glamourous about it and is as typical as whatever else. He said he loathes being marked a 'power couple' because of their distinction, as their sentiments towards each other are honest to goodness, as detailed by 

The match affirmed their association with an Instagram post in 2015, and have seemed more grounded than any time in recent memory since.

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