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AIFF wishlist: Asian Cup, Euro league for U-17 players

The under-17 World Cup is under 100 days away however the All India Football Federation (AIFF) has set its sights on another major worldwide occasion. The organization's leader Praful Patel said they have connected with FIFA to talk about the likelihood of facilitating the under-20 World Cup in 2019. The AIFF presented a 'statement of enthusiasm' on Tuesday and are holding up to get notification from FIFA on the off chance that they will apportion consecutive competitions to Asia before presenting an official offer. The current year's childhood title, which was won by England, was facilitated in South Korea. FIFA by and large does not give away continuous competitions to nations from one landmass however the AIFF is trusting they will make an exemption this time round. 

Their designs, in any case, don't end here. The AIFF is likewise thinking about an offered for the 2023 Asian Cup however a much more aspiring arrangement is being set up for the current under-17 squad. Roused by their Chinese partners, AIFF is thinking about making the under-17 cooperative effort in an European group for no less than two seasons after the World Cup. 

A month ago, a Chinese U-20 group joined the fourth level of the German Bundesliga. "The thought is to make the group play in the second or third division of a rumored European under-18 or under-19 association for no less than two years. In the event that it works out the way we have arranged, it will truly help player advancement," Das said. 

The India U-17 squad has traversed the globe as a piece of their introduction visits in front of the October 6 to 28 occasion. Das said they will attempt to solidify their plans when the World Cup finishes to proceed with the group's advancement program. In spite of the fact that he didn't reveal additionally subtle elements, it is learnt that the AIFF has had casual converses with two or three alliances, one of them being Portugal. In any case, no official proposition has been made yet. The AIFF wants to send a squad of around 25 players in addition to the care staff if their proposition is acknowledged. 

The organization is likewise considering to join China and South Korea in the race to have the 2023 Asian Cup. In the wake of missing the 2015 version, India is set to meet all requirements for the 2019 Asian Cup in UAE as they lead their qualifying bunch with two wins in two matches. "The offering has not yet begun. When it starts, we can take a gander at that," Das said. 

In the mean time, the AIFF will have six months to get ready and present their offer if FIFA says it is interested in facilitating back to back U-20 World Cups in Asia. "We will hold up to get notification from them. Ideally, they will consider our demand. If not, we will regard their choice," Das said.

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