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Bigg Boss 10 contestant Nitibha Kaul raises voice against social media bullying. Watch video

Nitibha Kaul, who rose to distinction as a challenger on Bigg Boss season 10, took to her authority Instagram record to raise her voice against online networking tormenting. She had at first posted a video of herself, and had, in any case, evacuated it when individuals remarked that she is making a decent attempt to flaunt her tattoo on her correct wrist. She later reposted the video and composed a long message alongside it. 

She stated, "Had erased this same post i'd made a couple of hours back inferable from all the crappy remarks I was getting. Be that as it may, at that point, I viewed the third scene in Season 1 of the incredibly frequenting @blackmirrorseries and acknowledged how online networking observation is truly botching our world up. And after that I understood this is me, the genuine me. My looks may appear like exaggerating to you, however they're me, MY demeanors. You feel like I raise my inked wrist up significantly more than I ought to in pictures and recordings to flaunt, yet that is my wrist, MY development. You feel like i'm making a decent attempt, wearing excessively cosmetics, MY body, MY face. Try not to like it? I'm not here to satisfy you, but rather I most likely am here to not free myself, my free liveliness and my personality as a result of what YOU say. All things considered, its ME that issues for myself. Adore me for that? I'll adore you appropriate back-why else would you 350k need to know what i'm upto? Despise me for it? Too awful. It won't be sufficient to stop me. #saynotosocialmediabullying #berealinthisvirtualworld #hatersgonnahate #dontlooseyourself #unfiltered #loveyourself #morepowertoustosurvivethisdigitalage." 

Had deleted this same post i'd made a few hours back owing to all the crappy comments I was getting. But then, I watched the third episode in Season 1 of the amazingly haunting @blackmirrorseries and realised- how social media perception is really messing our reality up. And then I realised- this is me, the real me. My expressions might seem like overacting to you, but they're me, MY expressions. You feel like I raise my tattooed wrist up a lot more than I should in pictures and videos- to show off, but that's my wrist, MY movement. You feel like i'm trying too hard, wearing too much makeup, MY body, MY face. Don't like it? I'm not here to please you, but I surely am here to not loose myself, my free spiritedness and my identity because of what YOU say. After all, its ME that matters for myself. Love me for that? I'll love you right back- why else would 350k of you want to know what i'm upto? Hate me for it? Too bad. It won't be enough to stop me. #saynotosocialmediabullying #berealinthisvirtualworld #hatersgonnahate #dontlooseyourself #unfiltered #loveyourself #morepowertoustosurvivethisdigitalage
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Nitibha had additionally reported that she and individual Bigg Boss challenger Manu Punjabi will be facilitating a dating reality appear on MTV titled Date To Remember. She uncovered this new venture of hers on her Instagram page as well. As of late, she was likewise spotted celebrating with Shah Rukh Khan's girl Suhana Khan in Delhi, and the photos from that night became famous online via web-based networking media. Fans even pondered what the association was between the two stars.


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