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​Bigg Boss Tamil episode 7 summary: Kamal Haasan discusses about the week gone by with Snehan, Juliana, Ganja Karupu and Bharani

Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan begun off the end of the week scene by attempting to clarify, at the end of the day, to the watchers what Bigg Boss is about. He began off by offering an explanation to a couple of pundits about how this show is not scripted. He additionally denied bits of gossip about how the show was shot just in 10 days. He clarifies that Bigg Boss is a sort of social test, which is the primary motivation behind why he claims to have consented to be a piece of this show. Kamal, in his mark style clarifies that this reality indicate resembles a mirror to the general public and its conduct today. 

The housemates had chosen to oust Shree, Juliana and Anuya from the house. Shree was harmed and has left the show as of now. So today either Jallikatu young lady Juliana or Anuya could be removed from the Bigg Boss house. It begun off with how the housemates were acting opposing even while they realized that there were cameras all around. In any case, what was the thing that the housemates missed the most inside the Bigg Boss house? All things considered, everybody is by all accounts missing nourishment. From Oviya asking for sustenance to be served early – even a banana and green tea to Raiza being stressed over eating rice ordinary, nourishment is by all accounts their principle issue. At the point when the housemates met Kamal through the screens at home, it didn't resemble a similar house that we found in the last scene. Everybody was complimenting each other, and it resembled an upbeat home from outside. Namita talked about missing her pet canines, particularly Chocolate, who met with a mischance as of late. Comic Aarthi said that she missed dinners cooked by her father, et cetera. As everybody attempted to compliment each other and Kamal, he just advised them that everything is presently communicated on TV. 

Ganja Karuppu wins group of onlookers with his amusingness and Bharani responds with trustworthiness and clarifies how from the time they shot Nadodigal, the two lack along. Kamal additionally said that he is glad for Namita for being open about sanitation and cleanliness. Kamal likewise called attention to that Ganesh was childish when it came to choosing things on extravagance spending plan. This he brought up when Ganesh guaranteed that he would be a superior commander as he would take everybody's advantage. Kamal additionally addressed concerning why Juliana is being focused on, and inquired as to whether this was on the grounds that she was not from the field. 

We were demonstrated how Bharani and Ganja Karuppu got into a contention over cleaning the floors. The contention transformed into a fight as Ganja Karuppu swore at Bharani. We likewise perceived how the extravagance spending plan was chosen, and one of the principles – that individuals ought to be situated amid the basic leadership. Juliana and Anusuya were requested to take a selfie as the two were in the expulsion list. 

After this Kamal brought up the one thing that aggravated him was Ganja Karuppu's high temper. He addressed Ganja Karuppu, to which he answered that exactly when he was controlling his outrage, Bharani provoked him into responding. The housemates examined the titles that they got – from scarcely working granted to Oviya, to Juliana being granted the unhygienic – it was altogether discussed. Similarly as he came to the heart of the matter of which housemate was removed, Kamal Haasan closed down, said farewell and kept the group of onlookers sitting tight for Sunday's scene. 

Goodness, and obviously, in what capacity can Kamal not take shots about the rotting society and government officials today? He did, and calm unobtrusively truth be told. Stay tuned for the synopsis of next scene.

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