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Bigg Boss Tamil: Kamal Haasan protects Oviya, exposes Juliana’s lies

Following an astounding Thursday night, the Bigg Boss Tamil housemates woke up to super hit people number from Jigarthanda film, Pandi Naatu Kodi, with Oviya bouncing out of the informal lodging moving, much to Gayathri and Namitha's abhor. It was a reasonable message that she was undaunted by all the harassing she was subjected to the most recent couple of days. It even roused a little smile from demonstrate have Kamal Haasan, who was viewing the Friday's occasions of the house with the group of onlookers.

Aarar and Snehan required a meeting with house commander Shakthi Vasudevan to talk about the unsavory occasions of earlier evenings. For the uninitiated, Gayathri, Namitha and Juliana sang boisterously throughout the night to irritate Oviya's rest.

Gayathri contended that all that she said was by and large and she didn't mean anybody specifically. Oviya said she was savvy enough to comprehend what was occurring in the house. She asked Shakthi for what reason she was being targetted when she doesn't meddle in other's business. Gayathri was her standard self and minced no words in provoking Oviya. Also, Shakthi apparently was more disposed to concur with Gayathri.

Oviya additionally asked Shakthi for what valid reason was she expelled as the skipper of the cleaning group and was not by any means educated about it. Shakthi got in a cautious mode. Also, he undermined to slap her. She confronted him and challenged him to slap her and even went close to him. Shakthi was found napping and meanwhile, different housemates pulled Oviya far from Shakthi. This occurrence made Kamal exceptionally despondent.

Kamal scrutinized Shakthi's conduct and even proposed that he was somewhat one-sided when managing issues identified with Oviya. He even asked for what good reason he didn't educate Oviya about her being evacuated as the skipper of the cleaning group. Shakthi contended that he let it know noisily in the house and he expected Oviya heard it. In any case, Kamal declined to purchase his contentions.

Kamal later proceeded onward to different housemates, who played "Antakshari" at 2 AM. At the point when Aarar was made a request to share his musings, he told that he felt Gayathri, Namitha and Juliana sang melodies at that time to bothered Oviya.

Kamal asked the women in the house for what good reason they avoided Juliana when she was crying from stomach throb. It was the men in the house that hurried to her guide. Gayathri and Namitha conceded that they thought Juliana was acting first and foremost and Raiza said since Juliana was at that point getting assistance from others she didn't think her assistance was required.

Kamal took Juliana to the errand. She turned on Oviya to win the support of Gayathri and Namitha. Juliana lied about Oviya and everybody in the house thought Oviya had been setting individuals against each other. It's significant that Oviya was the main individual who was steady towards her when she was cornered by the others in the house.

To uncover Juliana's falsehoods, Kamal played a video cut, where Juliana was disclosing to Oviya that everyone in the house supposes she is faking her agony. Oviya was just mollifying her and giving her a liveliness converse with make her quit crying. Be that as it may, when Gayathri and Namitha came in the room, she tossed Oviya under the transport.

All housemates were astonished by the video cut. In any case, Juliana kept on shielding herself and blamed Oviya for playing amusements. Juliana's resistance unmistakably irritated Kamal, who requested that Snehan exhort his 'sister'. It was a twofold festival for Oviya as Kamal told she has been spared from the end round by the general population. Namitha and Ganesh were still in peril zone. He additionally prompted Oviya not to take this triumph to her head. He prompted her to stay genuine and earnest and turn out to be more mindful. 

Doubtlessly, the way Kamal took care of the issues inside the house, ought to have fulfilled the fans, who have been spilling out their anger via web-based networking media against Gayathri, Namitha and Juliana, who had ganged up against Oviya.

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