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Bigg Boss Tamil: Kamal Haasan pulls up Gayathri Raghuram, Oviya is safe

The third week of Bigg Boss Tamil, facilitated by Kamal Haasan, is crawling towards an emotional end. It was a significant week in the house, where we got the chance to see a ton of activity, move, parody, love and show. Kamal, a delegate of the Bigg Boss group of onlookers as he gets a kick out of the chance to call himself, took every housemate to the undertaking for their activities over the most recent five days. A large portion of his perceptions in regards to the candidates appear to line up with the well known sentiment of the general population. Particularly, when he pulled up Gayathri Raghuram, who has clearly made a significant horrible supposition about herself among the watchers. 

Gayathri went under the fire following her battle with Juliana. She called Juliana "cheri" (ghetto occupant), which is touted to be a casteist slur. Kamal revealed to Gayathri that he was getting the opportunity to see her inconspicuous side on the show. He likewise asked for what reason she "lied" to her housemates about her "calcium level" in her blood. Gayathri told the Bigg Boss that she can't manage without chocolate powder because of her wellbeing reasons. Her blood test that was taken at the Bigg Boss house demonstrated that her calcium level was ordinary and the same was passed on to her by the Bigg Boss in Tamil. Even however, she was given a container of chocolate control saying the focuses for a similar will be deducted in the extravagance errand. When she left the admission room, she revealed to her housemates that the blood report demonstrated her calcium level was low thus the Bigg Boss allowed her demand. 

Kamal played the recording demonstrating what she was told in the admission room and what she advised to different individuals from the house. Be that as it may, she asserted honesty saying she didn't know the significance for what might as well be called "ordinary" until yesterday. 

Kamal additionally scrutinized her about her battles with Oviya and asked whether she understood it wasn't right to debilitate somebody. Kamal, indeed, represented each of them a pointed inquiry in view of their conduct with alternate housemates and requesting that they react in a "yes" or "no" mold. He additionally brought up that few of them were gathering up and were separating different contenders in the house. 

Oviya and Juliana got a great deal of positive consideration from Kamal. Furthermore, he proposed that Namitha may not make due for a drawn out stretch of time in the house in the event that she keeps on playing unobtrusive amusements. 

Also, he finished the Saturday scene by uncovering that Oviya, who had been assigned for the end round for the third time consecutively was sheltered. The Sunday's scene will uncover who will go out between Juliana, Harathi Ganesh and Vaiyapuri. Who do you think will be expelled from the house?


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