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Dhanush gets angry, walks out of interview after questions about Suchi leaks, family. Watch video

Dhanush is as of now bustling advancing his up and coming Tamil-Telugu film Vellai Illa Pattadhari 2 otherwise known as VIP 2 the nation over. He left a TV meet as of late after he was posed inquiries identified with Suchi releases that shook the Tamil film industry not long ago. A promo video of Dhanush's meeting to TV 9 Telugu, demonstrates the performing artist being found napping after the questioner turned the subject to Suchi releases and theories about the asserted issues in his family. 

The questioner initially requests that Dhanush share his musings on the most recent medication outrage that has hit the Telugu film industry. Later she veers the discussion towards Suchi breaks and his family. "The sort of mental desolation you have experienced," asks the questioner. 

"Who said I experienced mental anguish," praise came the counter reaction from Dhanush. He gets more stunned when the questioner says about "affirmations", "recordings". It's very evident that the questioner was alluding to Suchi spills. 

And after that came an inquiry regarding his family. The questioner asked whether his "family life was in question?" That was the straw that broke the camel's back that crushed the camel's spirit. A perplexed Dhanush rehashed the inquiry and stated, "This is an exceptionally idiotic meeting," before raging out of the meeting. 

It was fairly the first run through, Dhanush was posed inquiries regarding the debate in a meeting. Dhanush was in the eye of the tempest activated by the now-deactivated Twitter page of south Indian playback artist and RJ Suchitra. A progression of disputable posts, pictures and recordings that were spilled for her had thrown a cover over some of greatest names in Tamil silver screen. He was additionally involved in a fight in court, after an elderly couple in Tamil Nadu charged that they were the genuine guardians of the performing artist. 

Dhanush and his family had kept up a noble quiet on the discussions. Did he at long last examine Suchi spills amid the meeting? We need to hold up and watch.

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