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Formula One to test ‘shield’ device at Silverstone

Ferrari will trial another straightforward frontal security cockpit "shield" in British Grand Prix hone at Silverstone one week from now, Formula One's administering body said on Saturday. 

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) said the point was to do a first full track test at Italy's Monza circuit in September. 

Silverstone will enable drivers to give beginning input right on time in the improvement procedure, be that as it may. 

The shield is an open covering before the driver and produced using polycarbonate, an intense however transparent thermoplastic polymer. 

The point is to shield the driver's head from flying flotsam and jetsam without impeding his vision. 

The FIA has been concentrating on that idea as opposed to a formerly tried "radiance" cockpit assurance framework that was widely tried last season to a blended reaction from groups and drivers. 

Cockpit assurance is viewed as a key territory following fatalities in different arrangement where drivers were hit by haggles flotsam and jetsam. 

While the FIA said in January that the wellbeing advantage of the corona had been built up, some driving F1 figures were careful about sensational changes to the look of the autos. 

"A conceivable geometry has been created and the FIA is as of now working with groups in Formula One on additionally characterizing its geometry," the FIA stated, with a picture of the shield distributed on its site.

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