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Game of Thrones actor Maisie Williams slams sexualisation of young female actors

On-screen character Maisie Williams has impacted the sexualisation of youthful female on-screen characters in Hollywood, and says she feels alleviated that it hasn't happened to her. The Game of Thrones on-screen character says it is out of line that adolescent stars are "compelled to play characters who are significantly more develop" and she feels fortunate this hasn't happened to her, reports 

"I have been truly fortunate. In that I play characters who aren't really the beautiful sight. It's hard for youthful performing artists who still feel like sketchy youngsters however are kind of compelled to play characters who are significantly more develop, in light of the fact that, you know, 'youthful attractive lady' truly offers in Hollywood," Williams disclosed to Sunday Times Style magazine. 

Williams handled her part of Arya Stark on the hit TV indicate Game of Thrones when she was only 12 and says she was significantly more intrepid at that age than she is presently at 20. "At 12, I was bold and couldn't have cared less, so I truly delighted in it. In any case, at that point, as each season passed, the weight constructed and it turned into somewhat dangerous. Everybody experiences that dunk in certainty. That additionally accompanied adolescence. Everything failed out a bit, and I lost my certainty and now I'm gradually beginning to get it back once more. 

"In any case, the initial two years were unusual. I was having a great time, however I think back and I think I wasn't generally extremely glad since I didn't have numerous companions. I had left school and I was working a great deal and it was an odd time. 

"I recall in perhaps season a few, other cast individuals coming up to me and saying, 'Your life will change', and to me that wasn't energizing. I was, as, 'I don't need it to transform, I very make the most of my life'," she said.


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