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Game of Thrones season 7 episode 3 trailer: 'The Queen's Justice' sets up that epic Jon-Dany meeting

So far in season 7, we've had the to some degree moderate debut (Dragonstone) and the to some degree exciting second scene — Stormborn. 

Scene three conveys the Daenerys-themed titling further with 'The Queen's Justice'. 

Obviously, the ruler being alluded to here could be Cersei, yet we some way or another uncertainty that — in spite of her having scored a triumph (or as she says, drawing initially blood) against Dany toward the finish of scene two. 

Stormborn finished with two of Dany's partners being put out like a blown light bulb by the privateer with-royal aspirations Euron Greyjoy. In the trailer for The Queen's Justice, discharged by HBO, we see the successful Greyjoy get a saint's welcome at King's Landing. While he gets his fill of mass gratefulness, Cersei sits egotistically on the Iron Throne, potentially more accommodated to wedding Euron (who, as he called attention to in his proposition, has 'two great hands'). 

We additionally observe Sansa irately stalking off some place in the snow (is it Jon or Littlefinger who has her so miffed?). There are foreshadowings of a fight to come — Greyworm and the Unsullied, and additionally the Dothraki, must put into movement Tyrion and Dany's arrangement to assault Casterly Rock. How well that will go down is for DB Weiss and David Benioff to know, and for us to discover. 

What's more, in particular obviously — there's that epic Dany-Jon meeting. We see his pontoon arrival at Dragonstone (we think about whether Ser Davos will remember his joyful circumstances with Stannis Baratheon as he goes with Jon for his meet-and-welcome) and after that Tyrion drives them up the long walkway, as far as possible up to the position of authority room — where Dany is standing by. 

Knowing HBO and GoT, we wouldn't put it past them for this to be recently the scene that scene 3 will end with when it really show. Moan. Presently everything we can do, is hold up.

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