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Intimate scene to be cut from Priyanka Chopra’s film on Rabindranath Tagore

National Award victor Ujjwal Chatterjee, who is helming a trilingual film delivered by Priyanka Chopra's organization on the connection between Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore and his English instructor Annapurna Turkhud, has consented to cleave off one "private scene" of the minstrel at the command of Visva Bharati University. "I have concurred with Visva Bharati's proposals on evacuating private scenes. I am evacuating one scene. There are no issues with respect to the choices of the advisory group shaped by the varsity to investigate the legitimacy of research. The shooting will start in November this year, and will occur in Shantiniketan, Jorasanko and Maharashtra," Chatterjee said. 

Annapurna Turkhud, otherwise called Anna or Annabai, was the little girl of Atmaram Pandurang Turkhud, a Mumbai-based (at that point Bombay) specialist. Tagore had remained with the family before his initially voyage to Britain in 1878 and took lessons in communicated in English from Anna. He gave her the moniker Nalini, which Anna utilized later on as a nom de plume her written work. She enlivened some of Tagore's initial graceful articulations. Tagore always remembered about Anna and used to think back about her in his maturity. 

The film will depict the non-romantic connection between the two. Chatterjee clarified in one scene of the Marathi-Bengali-English film, Nalini kisses her life partner as Tagore looks on while in another Nalini pecks Tagore on the cheek. "Really we need to hold the scene where Nalini kisses her life partner since it's archived. The other scene will be evacuated," said Chatterjee. Acting Vice Chancellor of Visva Bharati University Swapan Kumar Datta said that the subject must be dealt with delicately and they are anticipating the last script with the fundamental changes.

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