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Justice League trailer: Wonder Woman slays in this Comic Con trailer

Justice League, the film based on DC’s superhero team-up is one of the much-anticipated superhero movies this year. The new trailer has managed to restore our faith in the DC Extended Universe. Like the universe itself, the film also has had a mixed development history. After the tragedy in the life of Zack Snyder, director of Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman, Joss Whedon who directed the first two Avengers (successfully, it is worth mentioning) was brought out of the blue to helm the flagship project in DCEU. And among the critics, only Wonder Woman, last DCEU film, has earned respect. It remains to be seen whether it has managed to put the universe back on track and whether Justice League will continue the momentum it has been given. Well, in any case the latest footage shown at San Diego Comic Con has made us pumped up about the film the release of which is still months away.

Diana, better known as Wonder Woman, absolutely slays and it is clear that Warner Bros and DC honchos have far more trust in Gal Gadot and her character and with Joss Whedon doing extensive reshoots of the film, we will likely see more of her than we would have seen if Wonder Woman had not been that successful. We see Wonder Woman making short work of a bunch of gunmen terrorising children early in the trailer. The Justice League members are seen discussing their alliance and like we saw in the Avengers, we might see a potentially cliched but necessary rift before they unite against the common enemy. Speaking of which, we get a lot more of Steppenwolf, the supervillain that Justice League faces, than we saw earlier.

Clearly, Steppenwolf means business. We see only a glimpse of his power, but it is enough to realise that he won’t be an easy bullet to chew for our heroes. The trailer also gives ample time to individual members of the Justice League. Jason Momoa is really a dream casting for Aquaman and he is patently enjoying portraying the character. Cyborg also makes his presence known and it reminds us how easy it is to forget how cool a character he is. At the end, we finally see what we already suspected – that Superman is going to return. Or is it Green Lantern?

Alfred, played by Jeremy Irons with his rich baritone and deadpan humour, looks at something and says, “He said you’d come. Now let’s hope you’re not too late” and the curtain falls. Steppenwolf does seem to have put the Justice League on its backfoot, if they are short one superhero in a team full of superheroes.

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