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Kamal Haasan's arrest requested by Hindu Makkal Katchi for facilitating Bigg Boss Tamil

Bigg Boss Tamil is in its third week, thus far the show has been doing great. While there are negative remarks and perceptions from gathering of people, it has just added to the buzz of the demonstrate that it is being facilitated by none other than Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan. While Anuya and Ganja Karuppu have been removed from the house in the initial two weeks of the show, Hindu Makkal Katchi now requests that the host of the show be captured. A grumbling has been recorded by the patriot Hindu gathering in Tamil Nadu which refered to that the show is against Tamil culture. 

The grumbling was documented with the Chennai Police Commissioner. In a meeting with India Today, Chakrapani Maharaj of Hindu Mahasabha stated, "Things appeared in Bigg Boss are against the social estimation of India and nobody who underpins Indian culture will bolster this show. Prior additionally Kamal Haasan has talked against Mahabharat and Hindu culture, and we are certain that in future he will again talk something through this demonstrate will hurt Hindu slants." 

Kamal, who shows up on the show twice every week, particularly on the end of the week scene has been going after the general public and government by and large by implication through wry comments on his show. He had, indeed, offered an explanation to the numerous claims that the show is against Tamil culture by disclosing that as per him, the show is a social trial. He had likewise said that he acknowledged to be a piece of the show simply because he believed this would profit individuals. 

This protestation against the well known performing artist comes after he sought contention by remarking about the epic, Mahabharata. He had stated, "In Mahabharata, Panchali was utilized as a pawn while the men bet. She was utilized as a security. What's more, India is a nation that regards and respects a book that rotates around men utilizing a lady to bet away as though she was an insignificant protest." therefore, a PIL was documented against him for injurious comments by a similar periphery gathering. 

Bigg Boss Tamil debuted on June 25 and is being broadcast on Star Vijay.

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