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Now turn your smartphone into handheld console with KFC Mountain Dew ‘Gamer’s Box 2.0’

Your cell phone is a handheld comfort as of now, despite the fact that the touchscreen controls aren't on a par with the physical gamepads and thumbsticks. Cell phones are all that could possibly be needed to play an AAA title, however in the event that you ask genuine gamers they may lean toward a Nintendo 3DS XL or Sony PlayStation Vita. To speak to "bad-to-the-bone' versatile gamers, KFC India and Mountain Dew have collaborated to concoct something many refer to as KFC Mountain Dew 'Gamer's Box 2.0'– a mealbox with worked in gaming controls. 

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), the American eatery network known for its fricasseed chicken, has discovered a novel approach to advance the brand, particularly among the youthful gamers. The constrained version KFC supper enclose highlights the manufactured space that holds your telephone solidly, including to a greater degree an amusement comfort like feel to it. The left and right half of the container include two physical gamepads finish with a simple stock, a D-cushion, media keys, and two trigger catches. The set-up is like a conventional diversion controller. The controller interfaces with cell phones through bluetooth and there are LED pointers to demonstrate that it is blending or has combined. 

Gadgets running Android v3.2 or iOS 7.0 are bolstered, and the controllers can be charged utilizing a typical cell phone charger. The manual provided with the Gamer's Box records various mainstream titles including Pac-Man, Temple Run, Retro Racing, Warblade HD, and Rush City, among others which can be controlled utilizing the same. .

In any case, the crate is somewhat massive and we don't know how much in-your-face gamers will like the general involvement, particularly since once the feast is gone the supper box turns into a dead weight. Be that as it may, the contraption will engage authorities and extremist aficionados of KFC and Mountain Dew. Just ten units of the case will be up for gets and you should act quick to get them.

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