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Reliance Jio’s new Dhan Dhana Dhan prepaid, postpaid plans: 84GB data at Rs 399 and more

Dependence Jio 'Dhan Dhana Dhan' designs just got redesigned for paid ahead of time and postpaid clients with new packs beginning at Rs 349, Rs 399 offering a more drawn out legitimacy period and additionally more free 4G information. So what are Reliance Jio's new plans under the Dhan Dhana Dhan conspire? Here's a snappy look. 

Dependence Jio prepaid plans: Rs 349, Rs 399 

Dependence Jio's prepaid area sees the expansion of two new plans. The Rs 349 revive will get 20 GB of 4G information, and the legitimacy is 56 days. There is no day by day top on information speeds with this arrangement, albeit once you debilitate 20 GB, at that point the speed tumbles to 128 kbps. At that point there's another Rs 399 arrangement, which is precisely the same as the prior Rs 309 arrangement. The legitimacy on this is 8 - days and will give you 1 GB of information for every day, which comes to 84 GB for the whole time frame. Be that as it may, this arrangement accompanies a day by day 1 GB FUP so remember that. All voice calls, SMS stay free. 

The Rs 309 arrangement is as yet being offered with 1 GB information for each month, yet the legitimacy is currently 56 days, and the day by day FUP is still 1 GB for each day. So you're getting 56 GB of information on this arrangement. The Rs 509 arrangement additionally accompanies 56 day legitimacy, which basically duplicates the information to 112 GB. 

The Rs 999 arrangement now has a 90 day legitimacy, while the Rs 1999 arrangement has 120 day legitimacy, the Rs 4999 arrangement gets 210 day legitimacy, and Rs 9999 arrangement gets 390 days of legitimacy, which is over a year. Information on these plans is currently 90 GB, 155 GB, 380 GB and 780 GB individually. Dependence Jio has kept alternate designs as the same, aside from the primary revive advantage which expanded legitimacy and information offering is presently evacuated. 

Relaince Jio postpaid plans at Rs 349, Rs 399 

Dependence Jio has additionally presented two new plans in the postpaid plan too. These likewise begin at Rs 349 and Rs 399. The principal design at Rs 349 accompanies two months legitimacy, 20 GB information. The second one, which is Rs 399 offers 1GB every day with three months legitimacy, which goes to an aggregate of 90 GB for the aggregate time frame. 

Dependence Jio's Rs 309, Rs 509 and Rs 999 arrangement all now have a legitimacy of two months, which implies the information is multiplied. So in the Rs 309 arrangement you're getting 60 GB information, Rs 509 arrangement is giving 120 GB information, while the Rs 999 will give 90 GB information. In any case, the most costly postpaid arrangement doesn't have any day by day information top.

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