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Revamp of national carrier: Air India to retrain chefs, bring in sommeliers

A sommelier to help choose wines from Italy, Switzerland and France, mocktails rather than squeezed orange for non-consumers, and "retraining" culinary specialists at its 28 providing food stations abroad. These are a piece of Air India's intend to patch up its business/top of the line menu for the forthcoming winter season. The culinary specialists at the worldwide focuses will be gotten back to and 're-prepared' in light of the fact that the national transporter found through an examination that their cooking had lost the 'Indian flavor'. 

Air India representative Dhananjay Kumar affirmed that AI's nourishment menu is being patched up for the winter season. 

Sources disclosed to The Indian Express that an examination was as of late led via Air India CMD Ashwani Lohani. A council was framed to survey the nature of India food being served to travelers, going to and from India. "The board of trustees assessed it for over a month and found that most gourmet specialists contracted by them had been sent to outside stations in 28 nations around 10 years back. Yet, their sustenance had lost the 'true Indian flavor' — an opinion reverberated by a few travelers on worldwide flights," sources said. 

The panel additionally found in their investigation that the national bearer was serving similar wines to their travelers for more than eight years, and had no alternatives for nondrinkers with the exception of juice. "After advisory group's last reports, as of late a meeting was called by the CMD Lohani where they talked about similar issues. A portion of the advisory group individuals proposed that they are as of now confronting budgetary misfortune and on the off chance that they roll out a few improvements, at that point there is a solid plausibility that they will spend more cash. Yet, different individuals recommended that their prime target is business and top of the line travelers. What's more, on the off chance that they figure out how to awe them, individuals may pick their flights all the more frequently," sources said. 

It was concluded that they will change their nourishment menu of winter season and will be done in next one and half months, sources in Air India said after the meeting. "They have chosen to enlist a sommelier, who will initially taste their wines, which they are securing from Italy, Switzerland and France. They have chosen to give alternative of mocktails to their business and top of the line travelers, in the event that they didn't care for squeezed orange," the sources included. 

"It was likewise chosen to call every one of the culinary specialists once in India and send individuals from here to their particular nation. In the wake of calling and sending them, they will request that they take preparing here at the end of the day and request that they join again subsequent to taking legitimate preparing," the sources said. 

Aside from this, it was additionally chosen to begin serving territorial nourishment to the travelers. "We are wanting to serve nourishment, for example, litti chokha, pav bhaji formula — if the flight cross from Bihar or from Mumbai," the sources included.

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