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Tamil Bigg Boss episode 9: Gayathri is the new captain, Bharani, Oviya and Ganja Karuppu get in danger zone

The ninth scene of Bigg Boss Tamil demonstrated the second 50% of the seventh day inside the house. In the wake of saying farewell to Anuya, who was the main candidate to get disposed of, Gayathri Raghuram, Snehan, Ganja Karuppu, Shakthi Vasudevan, Harathi Ganesh and Vaiyapuri were discussing Bharani and how aggravating they discover his identity. Vaiyapuri was making different individuals from the gathering snicker by copying Bharani's non-verbal communication and Karuppu proceeded with his raving about his Nadodigal co-star, Bharani. 

Snehan was talking about the naming procedure with Oviya and Raiza Wilson, and Bharani attempted to barge in on in an unwelcoming way. Snehan was disturbed as he guaranteed it was troublesome for him to choose those with whom he shares a decent compatibility. Oviya instructed him saying it was part with respect to the diversion. Before Gayathri, Shakthi, Namitha, Juliana, he separated to tears for a similar reason. Snehan's enthusiastic lament comes after Juliana cried to him as she was disturbed that he was one of the general population who assigned her for first disposal round. (It appears as though Snehan is playing the diversion extremely well). 

Raiza, who had remained a uninvolved contender up until now, was attempting to make associations with her make up pack. She imparted her excellence items to Vaiyapuri and Karuppu. Karuppu was ridiculed by Namitha for utilizing the face pack. Raiza additionally loaned her make-up pack to Harathi. 

Gayathri, tongue in cheek, said that the housemates ought to assign Juliana again this week. To which, Juliana in a lighter vein asked for her to save her this time. What's more, they soon started examining Bharani once more, Surprisingly, Juliana, who was upheld by Bharani when she was singled out by others, additionally reprimanded him calling a "savage." Gayathri told Juliana, not to doublespeak but rather to tell all over what she feels about him. Juliana said she as of now did. 

On the eight day, the housemates got the provisions they required for the new week. Raiza kept doing her parlor benefits in the house. Snehan told the housemates that the supply they have gotten is low contrasted with the earlier week. He revealed to them that everybody should cooperate to deal with the week-long needs inside the given supply. He said that every competitor will get just a single egg a day, to which Namitha said she needs 'egg lasagna', in any event once per week and alternate individuals from the house consented to suit her demand. 

Karuppu was conversing with Gayathri at the grass, and Namitha advised him that he had deficient assignments. After she cleared out, he began griping to Gayathri that Namitha was as a rule extremely bossy. Bharani got passionate conversing with a camera in the washroom saying he was controlling his outrage as told by his better half. He said he has a great deal of repressed outrage however he had guaranteed his significant other that he won't hit anybody on the show. 

Snehan was advised to select two individuals for the following House Captain post. He named Gayathri and Ganesh Venkatram. Notwithstanding, out of the 13 votes, Gayathri got 9 votes to support her, including Ganesh's. Gayathri assumed control over the duties as the new House Captain and made new groups to clean house, doing dishes and cooking. 

The time had come to select three new competitors for the end round this week. Bharani was a well known decision, Karuppu and Oviya were the other two chosen people.


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