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Valuation of unquoted shares: CBDT tells rules

The CBDT has told last standards recommending 'equitable esteem' strategy for valuation of unquoted shares. The last decides express that the honest estimation of unquoted value offers will incorporate the book estimation of all advantages (other than gems, aesthetic works, offers, securities and steadfast property) and the open market estimation of adornments or creative trust and offers/securities, esteem embraced for installment of stamp obligation for unfaltering properties, barring any sum paid as salary charge and the book estimation of liabilities. 

The corrected guidelines called the Income-charge (twentieth Amendment), Rules, 2017 for Sections 56(2)(x) and 50CA, are comprehensively in accordance with the draft rules discharged by the CBDT in May. The revised tenets should come into compel from April 1, 2018 and might apply in connection to evaluation year 2018-19 and ensuing years. 

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