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‘Winning the World Cup will be a great impetus for women’s cricket’

On the greater effect of winning the World Cup 

It can prompt an insurgency for ladies' cricket in India. It'll be an awesome driving force for young ladies. It'd grandstand the forceful brand of cricket we are playing. 

On the feedback after the last World Cup catastrophe 

Many individuals pointed the finger at me by and by. They said the runs didn't fall off my bat as they ought to have. I didn't play the primary match against West non mainstream players, against England I got out ahead of schedule. Against Pakistan I had a 100 in playoffs which was fine yet not essential, and Sri Lanka I got a 20-odd and we lost that amusement – it wasn't sufficient. It disheartened me what individuals said. I generally had this notoriety of extraordinary consistency till at that point. Yet, when required the runs didn't come. Individuals overlook infrequently that it happens. 

On the development to this World Cup 

For me, the planning for this World Cup began a year ago. It began before the West Indies home arrangement. I've worked hard on specific things in my amusement. As an individual player, I've truly invested exertion on my change rate. Nothing has changed 360 degrees. Dislike it's a totally unique amusement. There are quite recently some inconspicuous things. 

On better TV scope for ladies' cricket 

There was one example against New Zealand in 2003. In those circumstances DD used to demonstrate our matches – or had quite recently begun appearing. Typically when there's no cameras and we would be exceptionally relaxed. All of a sudden, we needed to get used to being watchful when the cameras were around. Regardless of the possibility that we needed to go to the loo, we should have been mindful of the cameras. We couldn't ridicule each other like we used to. 

There was this partner, who needed to go to the washroom, and she began saying 'I need to go to the loo, I need to go to the loo'. I needed to advise her to not make a trick of herself. It was humiliating in light of the fact that the cameras tailed you all over the place. We've made considerable progress from that point forward. We're agreeable, not stressed over remarks, and even cheerful to be on TV. We appreciate it instead of fear it. 

On changes in changing area culture 

What occurs inside the ladies' group changing area has likewise changed. Prior, it was viewed as, that the more genuine and focussed you look, the better player you are. You must be stern looking constantly, and look extraordinary. That is totally changed. Young ladies need to have a touch of fun now, they need to play great hard cricket and be seen getting a charge out of it. We don't need to resemble it's a discipline. We can grin, talk and play. It's cricket – we ought to appreciate it, isn't that so? 

On touring amid visits 

We travel a ton yet I've never truly investigated places where we play much. It's for the most part stadium-lodging stadium schedule, and there has a tendency to be a considerable measure of security. Be that as it may, I'd get a kick out of the chance to investigate the English farmland sometime in the not so distant future, without the steady security and without being watched constantly. 

On the non-captaincy days 

I really making the most of my time when I wasn't the chief, and we were playing the Asia Cup in Bangkok. There had been a captaincy change, and it regarded not have any gatherings or meetings or all the duty and responsibilities of a commander. I could simply take off, and check out the city. I delighted in the shopping and simply having the capacity to stroll around. Presently when I consider it, it was a break from captaincy that did me a ton of good.

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