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8 Beautiful Places In India That Are Banned Due To Paranormal Activities

 We are certain that you have viewed "Ssssshh Koi hai" or "Aahat" at any rate once in your lifetime. Spooky and paranormal exercises leave the greater part of us with goosebumps. While a few people are excited with the paranormal exercises, others can't take it. 

Indeed, even government specialists likewise have faith in paranormal exercises. What's more, that is the reason they have arranged couple of spots which are considered as spooky. Here is the rundown of wonderful things that have been prohibited by the Government. 

1. Bhangarh Fort 
 Bhangarh Fort is arranged in Rajasthan and has been pronounced as a standout amongst the most spooky places in India. Individuals who have been there have encountered plenty of paranormal exercises. 

2. Dumas Beach 
 Arranged in Surat, this dazzling shoreline has been authoritatively announced frequented by the Indian government. Local people assert that a man who remains at this shoreline for a night never returns. It was before utilized as an incineration ground for Hindus. 

3. Kudhara 

 Another spooky place in Rajasthan. It is known as a phantom town. The spirits ensures the land and executes any individual who tries to occupy the land. 

4. Agrasen Ki Baoli 
 This chronicled landmark is arranged in Delhi. It is being said that at this place individuals were tossed merciless in the wells of dark water. Besides, individuals say that any individual who gazes wells for over 5 minutes, naturally submits suicide. 

5. Vrindavan Society 
 Vrindavan Society is the most frequented put in Thane. Here a man lost his life years back and his soul rotates around in the night. Security watches have revealed episodes where they were slapped by somebody when they nodded off amid the night move. 

6. Sanjay Van 
 Sanjay Van is a spooky backwoods situated in New Delhi. Individuals visits this woodland have encountered paranormal exercises. They say that a lady in saree shows up all of a sudden and once they begin freezing, she vanishes. 

7. Aleya Ghost lights 

Aleya Ghost lights regularly known as Marshall phantom lights have a tendency to confound individuals. It is being said that the angler who takes after this lights never returns. 

8. Dow Hill 
Dow slopes are excellent slopes situated in Darjeeling. Countless murders in the woodland close to the backwoods have been happened. Furthermore, that may be explanation behind the place to be spooky. Individuals have seen a kid without a head strolling around the timberland.

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